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FFWN: “YouTube Will Annihilate My Channel If I Even Mention This” (with E. Michael Jones)

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch above. A shorter version on censorship-infested YouTube  will begin live broadcasting on my YouTube channel when we get to story #8)


1) Help FFWN stay in business—truth IS essential!

YouTube Will Annihilate My Channel If I Even Mention This

2) Nobel Laureate virologist Luc Montagnier agrees with Vanden Bossche: Vaccines are making COVID worse

3) Cynthia McKinney on “When China Sneezes” —the best COVID book yet

4) Meryl Nass and all other doctors I trust say effective COVID treatments are being deliberately suppressed — she appears on Truth Jihad Radio Friday 9 to 10 pm Central

5) Florida governor signs ban on ‘deplatforming’ by tech companies

6) Anti-vaccine movements shift their target to the vaccinated

7) “Super Carriers” – 2% of People Carry 90% of COVID-19 Virus — Are They Worse than Conspiracy Theory Super-Spreaders like Kevin?

F***book Too

8) Bombshell Video, Leaked Documents Detail How Facebook Censors Vaccine Facts When They Don’t Fit CDC, Big Pharma Narrative

9) Facebook reverses policy to allow posts speculating that COVID-19 was made in a lab (but don’t mention Unz or Veterans Today!)

Mighty Wurlitzer: COVID Was ALWAYS a Bioweapon, and We Have ALWAYS Been at War with Oceana

10) Timeline: How the Wuhan lab-leak theory suddenly became credible (limited hang-out to conceal US biowar attack on China & Iran)

11) Senate passes bill to declassify intel on Covid-19 origins as US & China lock horns over theory that virus is man-made

12) Biden: Intel community torn between ‘two likely scenarios’ on COVID-19 outbreak source (and ignores bioweapon scenario)

13) China blasts Wuhan lab-leak ‘conspiracy,’ urges probe of ALL early Covid-19 cases & ‘secretive bases’ worldwide

Hamas Wins

14) Palestine: Hamas Defeats Israel

15) U.K. Man Arrested For Expressing Support For Hamas At Public Protest In London

16) Flashback: ’42 Knees in One Day’: Israeli Snipers Open Up About Shooting Gaza Protesters

Media Madness

17) NYT Palestine-Israel coverage getting schizoid? They admit Israel murders children, but worry that it may lose support (May 26 front page)

18) Afraid of ‘cancelation’? Mark Ruffalo begs forgiveness after suggesting Israel is carrying out ‘genocide’ against Palestinians

19) Fran Shure’s latest essay on “Why Do Good People Become Silent–or Worse–About 9/11?” – What Happened to Legacy Media?

Culture Wars

20) “King of Kings” (1927) and the Origins of Jewish Cultural Censorship

21) ‘Marjorie is wrong’: GOP leader Kevin McCarthy condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘appalling’ Holocaust comments

22) Officials Say Hate Crimes Against Jews Are Growing In The Aftermath Of Gaza Violence

Catholicism Succumbs to NWO?

23) Pope kisses Holocaust survivor’s Auschwitz tattoo

24) Archdiocese of New York to segregate vaccinated, unvaccinated parishioners

Decadence & Decline

25) Strip Club Doubles As COVID-19 Vaccination Site In Vegas

26) Cornel West: Howard University’s removal of classics is a spiritual catastrophe

27) Epstein Guards Confess to Falsifying Records

Historic Blows?

28) ‘Powerful signal’: In a single day, Big Oil suffers historic blows on climate

29) Prosecutor in Trump criminal probe convenes grand jury to hear evidence, weigh potential charges

30) Former Pentagon leader who revealed UFO evidence accuses government of smear campaign

Live Long and Eat Chicken Brains

31) 111-Year-Old Australian Man’s Longevity Secret: Eat Chicken Brains!

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