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FFWN: Was Rigged Election Re-Rigged?

  Watch Saturdays live 11 to noon Eastern on PSAs 1) Help FFWN Unrig the System  Don’t force me to keep making cat videos! 1A) GRATITUDE IS A CHOICE AND KEY TO SURVIVING DURING HARD TIMES Guest host John Shuck’s website: 2) Van Morrison, “No More Lockdown” 2A) Stand Up for American Herald Tribune—Seized and Silenced by DOJ 2B) And for David Icke – Twitter permanently suspends conspiracy theorist David Icke’s account Election Train Wreck 3) Trump Prepares to Launch 2nd Term (and Big False Flag?) Early, Even Without Winning 4) REPORT: TRUMP IS TERRIFIED ABOUT GOING TO PRISON AFTER LOSING THE…


John Shuck on Plandemic & Censorship

Listen HERE John Shuck is an Ordained Presbyterian minister who has served four congregations since 1992. Censored by KBOO radio (People’s Republic of Portland) for inviting me on his show, then censored by his church, John is still a voice of truth—only now he’s “crying in the wilderness” of eastern Montana. (Funny how the two greatest truth-tellers from Christian pulpits, John Shuck and Chuck Baldwin, are both in Montana…) John writes: Kevin, I could have provided these earlier, but here are some things I have put on my blog since this COVID thing. Most recent. These…


LIVE RADIO! Peter Simpson on “Does It Matter Who Wins the Election?” John Shuck on Plandemic & Censorship

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived HERE First hour: Philosophy professor Peter Simpson responded to my forthcoming Crescent International article “Does It Really Matter Who Wins the US Presidential Election?” (the short answer is no) writing: “Well I’m afraid I have to agree with your sentiments in the piece you posted (‘afraid’ because it would be nice if things were different). However untypical Trump is as president (for good or ill), he can’t break the system. The reason of course, in my view anyway, is the Constitution, which was written by oligarchs for oligarchs. You didn’t quite…