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FFWN: Super-Spreaders of Truth: Should They Be Quarantined?



Text of appeal:

Please make your process transparent! Which guidelines?! What violated them?!  Taking a wild guess…maybe it was our commentary on this?  There is a legitimate scientific-medical debate about possible dangers of MRNA vaccines. In this video we speak derisively about most of the “conspiracy theories” about these vaccines, while pointing out that recent reports that vaccine-induced antibodies are distinct from disease-induced antibodies raise legitimate concerns as addressed in the (perhaps exaggerated) article.  This is a perfectly reasonable exchange of reasonably well-informed opinions. Censoring all views except the Big Pharma party line simply adds to public suspicions that “they” have something to hide. Please be reasonable!

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Guest host John Shuck


1) Help FFWN Super-Spread Red-Pill Truths!

2) Kevin giving Zoom talk on censorship for Colorado 9/11 Truth this Sunday Feb. 21 8pm to 9:30 pm Eastern


3) Kevin at center of “COVID-19 conspiracy theories superspreaders” network

4) AP and Atlantic Council Anoint Me “COVID Conspiracy Super-Spreader”— and Erase Ron Unz


5) ORWELLIAN: YouTube censors all videos from an academic conference on the dangers of censorship

6) Instagram Announces Policing of Private Direct Messages, Law Enforcement Team-Up in Latest ‘Hate Speech’ Crackdown

7) Greenwald: The Journalistic Tattletale and Censorship Industry Suffers Several Well-Deserved Blows

8) The majority of Republican now endorse force for political goals — Are they domestic terrorists?  (And need to be censored or sent to camps?)


9) MRNA Vaccine Makes You a Biowar Target

10) One Third of US Troops Are Rejecting Covid RNA Vaccine 

Big Tech

11) Facebook Blocks News In Australia Over Government Plan To Force Payment To Publishers

12) Who’s Next? Canada Joins Australia’s Anti-Facebook Crusade, Vows to Make Social Media Pay For News

MSM “Insurrection”: Fake News?

13) Lawmakers Want 9/11-Style Coverup Commission for Capitol “Insurrection”

14) The False and Exaggerated Claims Still Being Spread About the Capitol Riot

15) In new defense, dozens of Capitol rioters say law enforcement ‘let us in’ to building

16) Anti-Trump Capitol rioter sold footage for $35K to NBC and CNN: court papers 

17) NAACP lawsuit will put Trump “out of business,” Congressman Bennie Thompson says

18) Mitch McConnell says Trump is guilty after voting to acquit him 

Why? Why? Why?

19) Why Is Biden Creating Himself An Iran Quagmire?

20) Why is America getting a new $100 billion nuclear weapon?

War on China

21) China may exercise ‘nuclear option’ against US defense industry with rare-earths export ban – reports

Zionist Entity

22) Israel Threatens to Abandon America and Ally with China And Russia after Securing $40B In US Aid

23) More Apartheid: As Israel Reopens, ‘Whoever Does Not Get Vaccinated Will Be Left Behind’

24) Israel finally begins vaccinating Palestinians, but only those with Israeli work permits

Even Disasters Are Bigger in Texas

25) Deep freeze sends Texas electricity prices soaring 10,000% (is greed is the reason why the grid failed?)

26) No, frozen wind turbines aren’t the main culprit for Texas’ power outages

27) Markets + Renewables = Texas Disaster


28) Ghislaine Maxwell admitted Jeffrey Epstein DID have tapes of Trump and the Clintons after she was tricked by 60 Minutes producer in 2016 – ‘but refused to help locate them because she wanted Hillary to win’

Saucer Crash Tinfoil

29) Astronomers confirm the most distant object in the Solar System – Can We Flee There to Escape COVID Dystopia?

30)  ‘STUNNING ADMISSION’ Pentagon admits it has been testing wreckage from UFO crashes & findings may ‘change our lives forever,’ expert says

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