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FFWN: Super-Spreaders of Truth: Should They Be Quarantined?

WATCH ON TWITCH: CENSORED BY YOUTUBE: Watch False Flag Weekly News live Saturdays 11 to noon Eastern at Guest host John Shuck PSAs 1) Help FFWN Super-Spread Red-Pill Truths! 2) Kevin giving Zoom talk on censorship for Colorado 9/11 Truth this Sunday Feb. 21 8pm to 9:30 pm Eastern Superspreaders! 3) Kevin at center of “COVID-19 conspiracy theories superspreaders” network 4) AP and Atlantic Council Anoint Me “COVID Conspiracy Super-Spreader”— and Erase Ron Unz Censorship 5) ORWELLIAN: YouTube censors all videos from an academic conference on the dangers of censorship 6) Instagram Announces Policing…