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FFWN: “This madness mustn’t be tolerated!”

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1) Help FFWN expose 9ELEVEN

2) Urge Congress to rebuke Ilhan Omar for comparing self-defense group Hamas with genocidal “Israel”

Zionist Entity

3) In Tel Aviv, a dance party celebrates the exit of the ‘crime minister.’

4) Israeli to Build Major Listening Post in Guise of “Smart City” on Azeri-Iran Border

War on Iran (elections there happening now)

5) ‘This madness mustn’t be tolerated’ Tehran says after ex-Mossad chief implies Israel played role in blast & assassination in Iran

6) JCPOA’s Half-life is Rapidly Expiring (Kevin in Crescent)

7) NYT Wants Nuke-Free Persian Gulf…But Not Nuke-Free Mideast!

War on Russia & China

8) Between the lines of the Biden-Putin summit: Biden hinted US wants Russia ‘back in the fold’ but Putin won’t being leaving China’s embrace any time soon

8.5) Did US Navy Hit Russian/Chinese/Israeli/ET Sub with 10 KT Nuclear Torpedo Off Cape Canaveral?

8.6) Reports that a top Chinese official defected to the U.S. have swept Chinese-language media this week. The alleged reason? Sharing sensitive information about COVID-19 origins.

9) Dmitry Orlov: Will microchip crisis take down US empire?

COVID Origins

10) NIH Study Finds Evidence COVID-19 Was Circulating in Five US States in December 2019

11) The Covid BioWeapon: Made in the USA, Aimed at China

12) Jon Stewart On Vaccine Science And The Wuhan Lab Theory: Science Saved Us from a Pandemic that was More Than Likely Caused By Science. Stephen Colbert looks angry.

Trumped Election

13) ‘FBI operatives were organizing attack on the Capitol’: Tucker Carlson claims insurrection planned

14) Trump-inspired death threats are terrorizing election workers

Brave Musicians

15) Angry Roger Waters Rejected HUGE Deal from Facebook

16) UK Music Mag Hit Piece Slams “Conspiracy Theorist” Evan Parker for Liking Lynn Margulis

Transhumanist Nightmare

17) Scientists Make Male Rat Give Birth: One Small Step for a Rat, One Giant Leap for Transhumanist Madness

18) Americans find another point of polarization as poll shows 79% of Democrats support employers forcing workers to get Covid-19 jabs

19) Once A ‘Conspiracy Theory’, Vaccine Passports Just Deployed In Europe… And CNN Wants Americans To Sign Up Too.


20) “Clinton body count” keeps rising: Reporter who exposed secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-AG Lynch found dead after apparent suicide

21) Florida Republican candidate caught on recording saying he’ll send ‘Russian and Ukrainian hit squad’ after rival

22) Tupac Shakur Would Have Turned 50 Today–If He Hadn’t Threatened Deal Between Drug Traffickers and U.S. Banks Making Billions Laundering CIA Drug Money

23) Biden Campaigned on Ending the Death Penalty. His Justice Department Wants To Execute the Boston Marathon Patsy Anyway.

19) CyberEconomy

24) Break-Up Big Tech? Amazon, a Public Utility? Keep Your Fingers Crossed

25) Amazon Deletes America’s Frontline Doctors’ Website from the Internet – Doctors Scramble to Salvage Site

26) The Amazon Customers Don’t See

27) Nouriel Roubini: Fundamental value of BTC is not zero, it is negative

Is That an ET in Trump’s Pants?

28) Photos of Donald Trump at his speech in North Carolina seem to indicate that he may have put his blue pants on backwards. Might this be the case or are they simply an unusual kind of tailored trousers?

29) US government considers at least some UFOs to be ‘EXTRATERRESTRIAL’ & ‘EXTRADIMENSIONAL’, ex-intel official says

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