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FFWN: Middle East Mayhem = War on God (with Presbyterian minister John Shuck)

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays —watch live above (no longer broadcasting on censorship-infested YouTube) PSAs 1) Help FFWN Wave the Flag of Truth! 2) John Shuck’s Letter on Free Speech Published in Billings Gazette War on God 3) Save Islamic heritage from Saudi bulldozers! John Shuck in Baqee Conference later today 4) Today Most Jews Worship Holocaust Not God -Jewish Daily Forward 5) Israeli Demons Cheer Arson Fire at Al-Aqsa Mosque Middle East Mayhem 6) Netanyahu warns against ‘lynchings’ as clashes between Arabs and Jews rock Israeli cities 7) ‘Civil War Has…


Militarized police occupy USA

“The shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has highlighted the fact that much of the USA is now under de facto military occupation by murderously hostile troops posing as police officers.”  – Full story: