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FFWN: 2019 New Years special: biggest stories of 2018

  PSA  1) Truth in 2019? Help keep FFWN rolling! Trump: America First? or Israel First? 2) Trump declares end to US ‘policeman’ role in surprise Iraq visit 3) Kevin applauds Trump’s Syria pullout in latest American Free Press (requires subscription) 4) Trump: Saudi to Pay ‘Necessary Money’ To Help Rebuild Syria but Saudi Arabia denies this 5) ‘We are coming’: Chilling Blackwater ad triggers fears of Trump seeking to privatize Mideast wars 6) Pro Trump Jewish Columnist Claims Israel Requested Trump Removal 7) The Right’s Goal: Expulsion 8) ‘We give them $4.5bn a year’: Israel will still be ‘good’ after US withdrawal…


Top 20 False Flag Stories of 2017

Click HERE for the complete list of stories covered this week—including the top twenty false flag stories of 2017… …and HERE to donate and keep FFWN going. By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Whose fake news? That was the big question of 2017. The MSM accused Trump of lying. Trump accused the MSM of lying. And those were pretty much the only two true statements either side uttered all year. When we’re being lied to so pervasively, from left, right, and center, where do we turn for truth and solace? The obvious answer is: FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS! You can…


Top False Flag stories of 2014?

As co-hosts of False Flag Weekly News, Jim Fetzer and I reported more than 1,000 stories in 2014.  But which ones were the biggest stories of the year? Below are my nominations. But I’m sure I’m leaving some out – so either leave a comment here, or email me at kbarrett[at]merr[dot]com with your suggestions. Best suggestion wins a free book: Dynamic Duo, Truth Jihad, The Wandering Who, or The Big Wedding. Nominees for Top False Flag Stories of 2014 Malaysian tribunal finds Israel guilty of genocide, three Malaysian planes fall from the sky Sandy Hook, Boston definitively exposed as false…