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FFWN: Top Stories of 2021! with Ron Unz, Cat McGuire, Alan Sabrosky, Mike Springmann, Matthew Ehret

Instead of broadcasting live on Saturday Dec. 25, FFWN presents this special year-end series on the top stories of 2021.

Ron Unz: Collapse of Covid Origins Coverup Was the Biggest Story of 2021

1) Our Covid-19 Catastrophe EBook

2) Origin of Covid — Following the Clues Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?

3) The Lab-Leak Hypothesis For decades, scientists have been hot-wiring viruses in hopes of preventing a pandemic, not causing one. But what if …?

4) RFK Jr. as America’s #1 HIV/AIDS Denier and the Sounds of Media Silence

5) Ron Unz vs. Mike Whitney on COVID: Two Alternative Media Perspectives

Cat McGuire’s Top Stories of 2021

1) From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic”

2) The Execution of Julian Assange

3) Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol

4) “Let’s go, Brandon” meme as grassroots anti-gaslighting effort

5) AP’s Hit Piece on RFK, Jr. Symbolizes Intellectual, Moral Collapse of Mainstream News Industry

Alan Sabrosky’s Top Stories of 2021

1) January 6th (henceforth just “1/6”): The Insurrection That Wasn’t

2) Push-back from Parents Against CRT

3) “Woke World” Running Ever Wilder And Winning?

4) Afghanistan End Game: Debacles Compounded

5) Trump: Out of the 2024 GOP Presidential Race?

J. Michael Springmann’s Top Stories of 2021

1) They are mocking the people who believe the false narrative (“delta omicron” anagram for “media control”) 

2) RFK Jr’s Heroic Resistance to the CIA’s Continuing Covid Coup D’état

3) Part 1: CIA’s Extraordinary Role Influencing Liberal Media Outlets Daily Kos The Daily Beast Rolling Stone

4)  Twitter Banned Alex Berenson for Saying What Fauci Is Now Admitting—Vaccines Temporary and Don’t Stop Transmission

5)  More than 40% of people with COVID-19 never show symptoms study finds. What experts have learned about these cases.

Matthew Ehret’s Top Stories of 2021

1) Checkmate: Iran is spearheading a geopolitical sea change in West Asia 


3) Defying U.S. China and Iran Near Trade and Military Partnership

4) Iran holding joint naval drills with Russia China in coming months

5) We’ve Seen the Ultimatum What Is the “or Else”?


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