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Top False Flag stories of 2014?

As co-hosts of False Flag Weekly News, Jim Fetzer and I reported more than 1,000 stories in 2014. 

But which ones were the biggest stories of the year?
Below are my nominations. But I’m sure I’m leaving some out – so either leave a comment here, or email me at kbarrett[at]merr[dot]com with your suggestions. Best suggestion wins a free book:

Nominees for Top False Flag Stories of 2014

Malaysian tribunal finds Israel guilty of genocide, three Malaysian planes fall from the sky
Anti-Russia false flag ops start new Cold War
Gordon Duff solves 9/11 nuclear demolition
False flag “jihadi” group ISIS establishes phony caliphate
False flag Ebola scare fizzles
Israeli false flags and 2014 Gaza genocide
Protests target killer cops: False flag race war looming?
Ottawa shootings: Canada’s 9/11 inside job?
Fukushima radiation threatens life on earth
War on Iran off the table, nuclear deal progresses
Obama actually does a couple of good things (net neutrality, Cuba)
Israel admits USS Liberty attack was deliberate
World recognizing Palestinian statehood
New research shows JFK limo stopped for up to 30 seconds, allowing kill shot
Zionist billionaires Saban and Adelson plan to buy presidency in 2016
CIA fails to kill or overthrow Maduro, Roussef
Congress moves toward declassifying 28 pages of 9/11 report
Richard Gage of AE911Truth broadcasts nationwide on C-Span

25 Thoughts to “Top False Flag stories of 2014?”

  1. Next to 9/11, of course, Sandy Hook was a whopper!

    Thanks for a wonderful year if truth and I wish all if you a happy, safe, healthy, peaceful new year. ?

  2. Anonymous

    Kerry, Saudis crash oil prices to punish Russia

  3. Anonymous

    You've a super list – but you can add anything the war machine does. All fakery and lies.

    What's the criteria for "big"? …
    I think it's big when a story finally hits the MSM and only then many people wake up to it, (which means mucho sheeple) and that would be the "CIA tortured innocents to hide 9/11 false flag"…
    The ISIS in crisis, is one of the huge ones of the year… and yet although Sandy Hook was not this year, the facts revealing it was for sure a hoax, aka the name is the giveaway! – Sandy "Hook".
    Though since I consider myself truly "awake" – all societal institutions comprising the Matrix are the biggest "false flag" (but most don't know yet) and thus all of what people think of as real, truly is a hoax, because "all the world is a stage" and we're all actors in this holographic world – nobody truly dies as spirits live on. That is the point of this life, to under stand the great revealing, what we know as the apocalypse

    HaPpy New YeaR~!

  4. Anonymous

    Walker election fraud exposed with FOIA request about Milwaukee ballot counts of random precincts. -BR

  5. Anonymous

    OK, Kevin. How about this one (even though it's far from the false flag of the year):

    North Korea recognizes Palestine, does not recognize Israel, and has no Rothschild Central Bank. Therefore. . .

    North Korea is guilty of the SONY hack attack!

    James Perloff

  6. Anonymous

    I emphasized the difference between the reaction to the Ottawa shooting and the reaction to yesterday's seemingly non-false-flag Edmonton shooting in this PTV interview:

    Happy New Year,


  7. Anonymous

    Finding out what happened to the 9/11 planes courtesy RR.

  8. Anonymous

    we have one big one you haven't seen yet

  9. Anonymous

    I think the biggest false flag story of 2014 is Sandy Hook.

  10. Anonymous

    Gotta be the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ( ISIS ) teletubby , beheading vids for me ! -DvR

  11. Anonymous

    Sandy Hook is definitely up there, if not, number 1…

  12. Anonymous

    I think maybe the topics as bellow could be worth to talk about and have different perspectives on them: Turkey Taqsim square protest Hosni Mubarak the ousted president of Egypt as American puppet and after his criminal deeds not indicted in the court of Egypt Central Africa crisis which many Muslims where assassinated du to being Muslim Nigerian kidnaping in the name of Islam by Bokoharam Alshabab group and Kenyan male siege Malaysian Airlines which have been missing in 2014 The film created against North Korean Leader, what is the philosophy behind its scene Australia's mal siege in the name of Islam What is the aim of superpowers and more specially America and Israel, supporting ISL and ISIS Beheading American and British journalist by ISIS Putin and Obama's race in Ukraine, what is there which these to guys are devastating the region for? Guntanamo bay Ferguson teenager killing and mass rally for racism New York 2 police murder Ottawa shooting and ISIS raider British Jihadist devotees joining and recruiting in ISIS and why and how they are allowed to participate in this phony Jihad I hope this little sharing comes to you beneficial. Thanks for heeding this message and sorry for taking up valuable time.

  13. Anonymous

    I think this was the biggest one!((False flag "jihadi" group ISIS establishes phony caliphate))
    and you have missed the recent false flag(hostage)of Australia which was just like the issue of Ottawa shooting,I think.

  14. Anonymous

    MH-17 shoot down blamed on Russia/Putin

  15. Anonymous

    Given his new leadership of the Armed Forces I submit the meetings between John McCain and Syrian terrorists as the false flag of the year.

    example of it's coverage;

    In close second is Victoria Nuland with her "5 Billion" Ukrainian quote.

    Thanks for all of your research and reporting.

  16. Anonymous

    Sandy Hook, definitely.

  17. Anonymous

    Top British leaders murdered kids; pedophilia story suppressed

    Starting wars, torturing innocent people to prop up a the greatest lie in history, robbing entire nations of their resources—this cabal just does all that stuff as a “job”, but torturing, trafficking and murdering little kids? That’s what they do for FUN.

    AND, these crimes as it turns out, will wind up being their achilles heel—their greatest weakness, and when the world finds out what they’ve been doing to these kids, well, let’s just say we will all want to see THEIR heads on pikes. I know I do.

  18. Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads-up about your False Flag News program. Did you miss the Boston Marathon bombing in your list of False Flags? Depending on your criterion and metric of "big" regarding False Flag events, it may not be the biggest in 2014, but it seems relatively important. Do you follow any Anunnaki conspiriacy theories? You might be interested in the following website: Chris Thomas is a healer and author of ten books on the subject of healing and the path of Human history. He has the ability to access the Akashic records – believed to be the whole written history of everything that has ever happened on Earth. You also might find useful the attached MS Word documents. Best wishes to you and yours in the upcoming New Year.

  19. Anonymous

    Happy new year Kevin. You guys are doing a great job. I listen regularly.

    My vote: the deception that the US government is well-meaning and benevolent, a force for good in the world. All the other false flags live under this umbrella.

  20. Anonymous

    I think Anti-Russia false flag ops start new Cold War is the biggest story of the year.
    The economic sanctions, the manipulation of the oil markets, the downing of commercial airliners, I believe are all related to the new Cold War. In addition, they may have spawned the events surrounding the Sony hack, and Lybian oil attacks. I think North Korea is a US response to China's support of the Russian currency.

  21. Anonymous

    How about considering my novella False Flag:
    Serious fact-based fiction about the 9/11 cover-up: – Truth & Story vs. Denial. (Free download)?

    Dick Croy

  22. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin, I think the lid is coming off of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting drill, hoax, and the Boston Marathon Bombing drill hoax. Also the trial of Tsnarev is coming up, and will be going on for months. I tried very hard to get RT's Abby Martin ('Breaking the Set') to look at these stories, and we have had some email exchanges. She ended up going off the deep end to disagree with me by doing a segment in which she featured Carlos Arrendondo (the cowboy hat figure on the cover of Time magazine helping the fake amputee in the wheelchair) as hero of the day. James Tracy on his 'Memory Hole' site featured an expose of a movie director suing corporate media for staging the two hoaxes, and just reading the charges was enough to pique immediate interest, the charges alone are tearing the paper thin tissue of a cover up a part.

  23. Anonymous

    Thanks Kevin Barrett, its a great pleasure to receive a mail from you in this dramatical time. All the best for you and the team of VT for 2015…please go on with your courageous work! The biggest false flag for me was the coup in Kiev. But of course also the shooting down of MH 017 was a top orchestrated False flag. Personally I think that the deep roots of false flag terror comes from the demonisation of the non monotheistic cultures in the old testament and the Koran. What we see now are the last battles of rivaling monotheistic mafia gangs. You might think that Islam is the resolving …but all monotheistic religions reached the peak of hypocrisy. After this card house lost our favor….real humanity can appear. Especially about Egypt your religious temper went out of the box…but you should not cry for Morsi and the brotherhood. Egypt and Russia will bring back realistic negotiations for the meddle east without taking sides with Zionist Judaism or Zionist Islam. Archaeological sites should be saved…but not used for hypocritical religiosity or political reasons. 2015 the temples of Jerusalem will be destroyed again (this is my prophesy)…..and maybe the new Jerusalem will be in our body…and no one will built a temple in Palestine again.

  24. Anonymous

    Kevin & Jim – Thanks for the Herculean tasks you have accomplished in the past year. What you have achieved exceeds armies of men! In this new year, may all our efforts, great and small, succeed in bringing Justice and Peace to our world, righting of the historical record, and inspiring solutions to our greatest problems. IMO, ignorance to the threat that Fukushima, and the other 300,000 tons of nuclear waste humans have produced, without any viable plan to keep these long lived radio-toxins out of the environment, is the biggest false flag story of 2014, and indeed the biggest threat to the survival of future generations of 9 million known species on Earth. Precariously stored, and outside containment, this waste needs constant cooling. ANY turbulent event, war, natural disaster, social uprising, or cyber attack will be infinitely complicated by the presence of unquenchable nuclear fire. What could be bigger than total extinction? I sincerely hope this situation dawns in the minds of the public, and that we can find a solution this late in the despicable "Atoms for Peace" charade. Bless you all, and your loved ones, in 2015.

  25. Anonymous

    Dr Barrett, I kinda like this one the best "Sandy Hook, Boston definitively exposed as false flags" for the reason that of all the VT articles shared on FB, Google and friends through emails, this is the one that has received the largest response.

    PS, I haven't been able to comment on VT for several weeks now. Then again, maybe it's because I'm having to operate this old lap-top in "Safe Mode/Directory Services Repair.

    Truth becomes treason in an empire of lies.

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