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Top false flag stories of this week – and of 2014!

TODAY’S NEWS STORIES AND THEIR SOURCE LINKS False-flag to trigger collapse in 2015? 1) 2015 collapse will be unprecedented 2) Economy isn’t going to recover and government preparing in not niceways 3) Markets panic over possibility of democracy in Greece 4)Ruble rises against thedollar 5) Russia declares NATO top threat to its nationalsecurity False-flag “SONY hack” 6) North Korea was NOT behind “Sony hack” – studio insiderdid it 7) NY Post admits Sony hack was “insidejob” False-flag “War on ISIL” 8) US military airdrops weapons for ISIL 9) Pentagon requests $1.2B for Iraqi army as investigation revealsIraqi army paying at least 50, 000 soldiers who don’texist False-flag race war 10) Real or…


Top False Flag stories of 2014?

As co-hosts of False Flag Weekly News, Jim Fetzer and I reported more than 1,000 stories in 2014.  But which ones were the biggest stories of the year? Below are my nominations. But I’m sure I’m leaving some out – so either leave a comment here, or email me at kbarrett[at]merr[dot]com with your suggestions. Best suggestion wins a free book: Dynamic Duo, Truth Jihad, The Wandering Who, or The Big Wedding. Nominees for Top False Flag Stories of 2014 Malaysian tribunal finds Israel guilty of genocide, three Malaysian planes fall from the sky Sandy Hook, Boston definitively exposed as false…