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FFWN: 2019 New Years special: biggest stories of 2018



1) Truth in 2019? Help keep FFWN rolling!

Trump: America First? or Israel First?

2) Trump declares end to US ‘policeman’ role in surprise Iraq visit

3) Kevin applauds Trump’s Syria pullout in latest American Free Press (requires subscription)

4) Trump: Saudi to Pay ‘Necessary Money’ To Help Rebuild Syria but Saudi Arabia denies this

5) ‘We are coming’: Chilling Blackwater ad triggers fears of Trump seeking to privatize Mideast wars

6) Pro Trump Jewish Columnist Claims Israel Requested Trump Removal

7) The Right’s Goal: Expulsion

8) ‘We give them $4.5bn a year’: Israel will still be ‘good’ after US withdrawal from Syria – Trump

9) Epstein Pays off Dershowitz-Maxwell Accuser in Trafficking Lawsuit—Is THIS Why Trump is Run By Israel?

Kevin’s Top Stories of 2018: Some good news and some bad news

10) Miami Herald blows Jeffrey Epstein’s MSM cover

11) Ron Unz comes out on 9/11, JFK, Holocaust, “Anti-Semitism”  & Jewish Power

12) “Jewish Question” (JQ) re-opened!

13) 9/11 truthers elected heads of state in Malaysia and Pakistan

14) Iran withstands “toughest sanctions ever”

15) Prof. Anthony Hall retires with full pension and professor emeritus status—and presents his side of the story in the Lethbridge Herald Pt., 1    taken down but archived at

16) Massimo Mazzucco’s “American Moon” shows both sides of moon landing debate—and the skeptics have a better case

17) Monika Schaefer spent most of 2018 in maximum security prison for making a kind & gentle youtube video

18) Bin Salman’s debacles: Yemen Khashoggi Threats to “9/11” Canada

19) Suspected false flags: Strasbourg Mail bombs sent to Trump’s enemies  Anti-Iran false flags in Europe Panic in skies of NYC on 9/11/18 Skripals’ “novichok” in Salisbury  Syrian “chemical weapons” Gutjahr crushed by German courts   Parkland school shooting

20) Anti-Islam genocides in Kashmir, Mynamar, East Turkestan (on top of 9/11 wars’ 32 million Muslim genocide & Zionist genocide of Palestine)

21) Great March of Return vs. US Embassy move on Nakba Day: Israel massacres hundreds of Palestinians—over 15,000 wounded

Jeremy’s Top Stories of 2018:

22) Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry Launches Grand Jury Investigation Project and Hears Back in Some Affirmative from the U.S. Attorney from SDNY

23) Suppressed Al Jazeera film is finally released, detailing the Israel lobby’s ‘covert war’ to manipulate Americans and target activists

24) Massive Scandals over Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Psychometric Data Warfare Are Big, but Just the Tip of the Dystopian Digital Iceberg

25) Deep Politics and the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of MLK: From the MSM to Barrett & Guyenot

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26) The ADL Begins Working with AI, Machine Learning and Big Tech to Censor the Internet Under the Guise of ‘Combatting Hate’ Background:

27) The American Intifada Against Israeli Police Training is Now, Non-Violent and in Partnership with your Local Government: Durham, North Carolina Bans Israeli Training and New England Police Decide to “Skip the Trip”

28) Kansan Mennonite Math Teacher and ACLU Beat Seditious Zionist Lawfare in Radical Middle America

29) Judge Ferdinand Imposimato, International Icon of 9/11 Truth, Exposer of Gladio/Israeli Destabilization Efforts & Honorary President of Italian Supreme Court, Departs Background:

30) Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of FFWN, the AnteDote and Talpiot Talk files First Amendment Focused Federal Lawsuit

31)North and South Korea marched together under one flag at the Olympics: North now a de facto permanent nuclear state


32) Meltdown: How a researcher hacked his own computer and found ‘worst’ chip flaw (Talpiot backdoor exposed?) –

33) Collusion at Sea: The secret yacht summit that realigned the Middle East

34) Special Counsel Collusion Investigation Goes Global and Heads to the Middle East Background:

35) Harvard Researchers Create Firestorm with Conjecture that Oumuamua Might Be an ET Lightsail Probe

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