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Top 20 False Flag Stories of 2017

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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Whose fake news? That was the big question of 2017. The MSM accused Trump of lying. Trump accused the MSM of lying.

And those were pretty much the only two true statements either side uttered all year.

When we’re being lied to so pervasively, from left, right, and center, where do we turn for truth and solace? The obvious answer is: FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS! You can get a pretty good handle on what is really going on in the world by watching FFWN for one hour each week. And in this special episode, you can get the rundown for the whole wretched year of 2016!

And speaking of wretchedness: The Bnai Brith orchestrated witch hunt against Professor Tony Hall is continuing. Tony is going to have to take a break from FFWN and focus on his academic freedom fight. (Our mutual friend Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, a legendary activist himself, will stand in.) Here are email addresses where you can write in support of Professor Hall’s academic freedom. For details about the case, see the Academic Freedom Anthony Hall website.

Decision-makers and influencers: 

Premier Rachel Notley

Alberta Advanced Education Minister Marlin Schmidt:

University of Lethbridge President Mike Mahon:

President of the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association Andrea Amelinckx:

Kurt E. Schlachter, Chair, Board of Governors

President of the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association. Andrea Amelinkx

Executive Director, ULFA

Prof. James Comton, President, Canadian Association of University Teachers

cc to Professor Hall’s supporters:

Prof. Anthony Hall:

Dr. Hall’s lawyer, Ron McDonald Q.C.

Dr. Kevin Barrett:

Andrew Blair:


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