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FFWN: ACLU Worries That Elon Musk Might Allow Free Speech on Twitter (with Scott Bennett—Live Broadcast Sunday 1 to 2 pm Eastern)

ALERT! Broadcasts live 1 to 2 pm Eastern this week SUNDAY (not Saturday) — watch the full uncensored version above live or archived PSAs 1) Fuel the torch of liberty, support FFWN 1.5) I Will Miss Nader Talebzadeh—Filmmaker Peacemaker TV Star Truth & Justice Hero and Likely Martyr  2) Quds Day Rallies: Zionist Entity Doomed As West Collapses Free Speech 2.5) DHS Disinformation Police: American Stasi or Insane Clown Posse? 3) Twitter says it’s being acquired by Elon Musk for $44 billion 4) ACLU worries that Elon Musk might allow free speech on Twitter…