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FFWN: Get Vaxxed Before Your Assisted Suicide OR ELSE!

Normally FFWN is posted by 1 pm Eastern Saturdays. We were two hours late this week due to (1) having to watch Morocco defeat Portugal in the World Cup, and (2) a weird software glitch that required an hour of troubleshooting.


1) Help FFWN Expose Predictive Programming

JFK Smoking Guns

2) Reporter claims to have uncovered ‘smoking-gun proof’ linking Oswald to the CIA

3) RIP David Lifton, Legendary JFK Assassination Researcher

Truth Pandemic Infects US Senate

4) Senate Roundtable: An all-star panel describes the opposition’s view of the pandemic


5) Musk Admits ‘Quite Significant’ Risk of Assassination

6) Who is Jim Baker, former top FBI lawyer, fired by Elon Musk over ‘Twitter Files’?

7) Rumble, Law Scholar Sue New York Attorney General Over New Online Censorship Law

8) Defamation Suit Against Fox Grows More Contentious

War on Ye

9) Ronald Lauder, Zionist billionaire who gave Jeffrey Epstein Austrian passport w/fake name & “the driving force” behind privatizing Twin Towers so Larry Silverstein could get 99-year lease, calls for Apple, Spotify to remove Kanye’s music

10) ADL’s Greenblatt: “Look, If We Don’t Get Him, the Myth Spreads”

War on Trump

11) Trump Is Toast: Jewish Power will trump Trump

12) Trump is the Opposable Thumb of the Establishment

War on Russia

13) Thousands rally in Rome against arming Ukraine

14) Putin Signs Law Banning Expressions of L.G.B.T.Q. Identity in Russia

15) Ukraine to Ban Orthodox Church

16) Germany Arrests Dozens Suspected of Planning to Overthrow Deep State

17) Time Magazine Names Penis-Piano-Playing Nazi Cokehead “Person of the Year”

War on Palestine

18) U.S. opposes Al Jazeera submitting case to ICC over Palestinian American journalist’s death

19) UN says Israel must give up nuclear weapons in lopsided vote

20) Euphoric Morocco unfurl Palestine’s flag after spectacular win over Spain

21) World Cup 2022: Palestine beats Israel on football’s big stage

22) World Cup Has Been a ‘Decisive Blow’ to Israel: Envoy

War on Iran

23) Foreign-backed rioters recount brutal murder of Basij member in northern Iran

24) US bargains over Iran’s unrest The US has voiced willingness to end support for Iran’s protest movement if Tehran stops selling drones to Moscow and makes concessions on its nuclear program.

25) The Islamic Republic of Iran, the US-Zionists-UK unholy trinity, and Domains of Grand Illusions

War on China

26) US funded Chinese lab for intelligence op – whistleblower

War on the World

27) The Cruel, Dishonest and Shameful Story of Britain’s Last Colony may be Coming to an End

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

28) Have the Woke Jumped the Shark? Washington Post Publishes Article Attacking Discovery’s Shark Week as Racist for Featuring Too Many White Men

29) If Holocaust Deniers Don’t Go to Hell, There Is No God

30 )In Germany, You Must Be Fully Vaxxed before Your Death by Assisted Suicide

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  1. John Graves

    Your file is not playable this week.



    1. Phil Fellows

      FFWN is not working at almost 3pm est !!!!

    2. John Graves

      Now appears to be working. My method is to play it back in my windows 10 computer and then record to Audacity for later mp3 listening. thx


  2. Phil Fellows

    FFWN is not working at almost 3pm est !!!!

    1. Sorry, I had computer problems but finally got it posted. It should be finished processing on Rumble soon.

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