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FFWN: Elon Musk Says “Don’t Stalk My Small Plane”—Maybe He Should Just Stay Out of Them

Normally FFWN is posted here by 1 pm Eastern Saturdays. But today, due to co-host’s schedule, expect us by 4 pm Eastern Guest commentator: Tommy Carrigan PSA: Don’t Let Them De-Dollarize FFWN!  1) Help FFWN Fly High Like Elon 2) The Road to De-Dollarisation Will Run through Saudi Arabia   Prosecute/Fauci 3) Elon Musk: “My Pronouns Are Prosecute/Fauci” 4) Elon Musk’s Twitter bans CNN, NYT, WaPo journalists without explanation then reinstates them 5) Yoel Roth’s ‘Gay Data’ dissertation ‘mistakenly’ blocked from UPenn website after Elon Musk’s tweet 6) Elon Musk uses QAnon tactic in criticizing former…