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FFWN: Elon Musk Says “Don’t Stalk My Small Plane”—Maybe He Should Just Stay Out of Them

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Guest commentator: Tommy Carrigan

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1) Help FFWN Fly High Like Elon

2) The Road to De-Dollarisation Will Run through Saudi Arabia  


3) Elon Musk: “My Pronouns Are Prosecute/Fauci”

4) Elon Musk’s Twitter bans CNN, NYT, WaPo journalists without explanation then reinstates them

5) Yoel Roth’s ‘Gay Data’ dissertation ‘mistakenly’ blocked from UPenn website after Elon Musk’s tweet

6) Elon Musk uses QAnon tactic in criticizing former Twitter safety chief

7) OK, Groomer: Former Twitter Exec Yoel Roth Wondered if High School Students Could Consent to Sex With Teachers

Dumb Dishonesty

8) The dumbest, most dishonest argument for Covid jabs yet

9) The New York Times explains to their sad, socially isolated readership why it’s time to mask up again, however stupid they feel being the absolutely last people to bother

Mysterious Deaths 

10) Shocking Book Sheds Light on Recent Epidemic of Sudden Deaths

11) National Archives releases 13,173 more JFK assassination files

12) Tucker Carlson: Source says yes, the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination


13) FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in Bahamas, prosecutor says

14) Inflation is Falling Much Faster Than Most People Know

15) The Inflation Hoax

War on Russia

16) Putin Makes REAL Nuclear Threat; US Yawns

17) Russia releases video of nuclear-capable ICBM being loaded into silo, following reports that US is preparing to send Patriot missiles to Ukraine

18) You Should Thank this Russian Naval Officer that You and Your Loved Ones Are Alive Today

19) Royal Marines deployed on ‘high-risk covert operations’ in Ukraine

20) Kiev Seizes Assets of Russian Orthodox Clerics

Zionist Entity

21) Israel snipers kill 16-year-old girl for sport, lie about it as always

22) Chris Hedges flashback: “Israeli snipers routinely murder Palestinian children for sport—I’ve seen it”

23) Israeli old soldier laughingly describes how Israeli militia raped a 16-year-old girl and collectively executed Palestinians by gathering them in cages and opened fire with an automatic machine gun towards them at Tantura village during the Nakba in 1948.

24) Israel denies Gaza Christians permits to celebrate Christmas with families


Brave New World 

26) Womb with a view: EctoLife baby farm eliminates pregnancy and labor

27) Psychedelic privilege: are DMT entities racist?


28) Disgraced Nuclear Official’s Security Clearance Doesn’t Add Up

29) Norwegian Woman faces prison for saying men cannot be lesbians

3 Thoughts to “FFWN: Elon Musk Says “Don’t Stalk My Small Plane”—Maybe He Should Just Stay Out of Them”

  1. kapoore

    I liked the conversation. When it came. to the discussion of the Jewish/Israeli/media mongol control I’m with you. As awful as it really is to say such blasphemy I do think it is the way out of the darkness for everyone involved including the Jews. Given that most Jewish people are unconscious with a childlike perspective of Israel as a defenseless baby that needs protection; a more honest conversation needs to happen. This is especially true if there is an urgent need to wake up the Jewish people from their own demise. Recently it has occurred to me that the Jewish/Zionist global elite have been played with this covid vaccine that appears to be a sterilizing and blood clotting agent and 85 % of Jews have taken it. Could a stratospheric elite have replaced the old leadership? This new group knows how to game theory the Jewish mind by telling them they are so smart to have created this vaccine that will save humanity. I’m sure you have seen that video of them bragging about it, and so everyone fell for it big time. I hate to say it but it wouldn’t be the first time that a new elite’s first order of business was to take out the old elite.

  2. Maisoon

    I warned you and Press TV few years back about Shakdom who I never liked or trusted and the when she appeared on RT’s Crosstalk suddenly without her hijab, my suspicions were founded. This whole issue makes mr suspicous and wary of all westerners who suppsoedly converted to Islam and amkes me questionthe true acceptance of Islam and whether they too are really infiltrators pretending to be Muslims just as the Sabbataean Sevi Jew Ataturk did. Hanging around also with too many Jews does not help with the Trust issue either!! Are you a real Muslim Kevin and is Eric Walberg?? Carrigan’s point trying to protect Israel by saying they dont control America and that it is a ‘Symbiosis relationship which he repeaterd several times does not wash with me at all. Jews control America as well as UK, Europe, Canada etc 1000% and anyone who brsuhes that fact aside is frankly not a Truther and hanging with scum bags like Alex Jones who is Jewish, shows what side of the fence Carrigan is on pathetically calling him a sweet guy!! There is a huge conspiracy against Humanity led by a group of Tribal People Rothschilds Black Nobility, Illuminati Jesuits etc but the chief compnent in all are The Jews with their total hunger for power and wealth which they use to control and take over our entire world.. Terrorism Inc is Jewish, Covid and Drug Kabal is Jewish, Media is Jewish, US Government and UK’s are Jewish dominated hiding behind the ‘Zionist political arm of Judaism so people can ‘differentiate. They have no good qualities and are not Liberals at all as Jews have been porgrammed into infiltrating every politcal Group and Religious Bodies. and just because some Jews wirte against or expose their Tribe, [like Unz Review does or Duff’s Veterans today- both Jewish] ] this does NOT mean theya re truly on our side at all but are infiltrators gauging and controlling the ‘alternative’ naratives which is precisly why they manage to be give a VOICE denied to others, from all sides of the political spheres- Right wing, Centrist, Liberal Communist,Marxist Zionist which makes them dangerous and untrustwworthy. They pretend to be on our side, our friends etc whislt holding their daggers behind their backs and eventually out themselves as Alex Jones did and Shakdom who folled you all!. Once a Jew, always a Jew, no matter that is truly where their true loyalties lie and not with the majority of Gentile Humnaity
    I just wonder how many more Jewish rats there are among the Alternative Truth Movement or indeed among Muslim convertss/?? Reminds me of how Israelis many of whoma re Jewish Arabs and thus speak arabic, can dress up and pass as a Palestinian and then pounce on the unsuspecting Palestinian communities taken in by these Eternal Deceivers whos eTorah motto after all is ‘By way of decption thou shalt do war’ which has been their aim for over 2000 years against Humanity and our God Given world that they arrogantly believe their yahweh made solely for them and Gentiles as their Cattle Slaves- Goyim.. No they have no redeeming qualities, certainly no trust or truth in them. and their loyalty over and over again is for their Racist tribe

  3. Mamagen

    Dr. Barrett, I was so amused to hear you call Brinton a character out of an old John Waters movie. Did you know that Waters recently published a novel (“Liarmouth”) wherein the main character “lives off the land” by ***STEALING LUGGAGE FROM AIRPORTS*** and squatting in vacant McMansions. My mother likes John Waters so I bought the novel for her last summer. When this Brinton thing happened, it was she who wondered aloud whether Brinton had read the novel. So, anyway, just a funny theory. Maybe Brinton’s more of a John Waters character than you know! Anyway, it wouldn’t be surprising to me if someone so obviously disassociated from reality/his own identity decided to roleplay as a character from a novel.

    Something that is even more disturbing about the Brinton case though is how this man was elevated to a position of such responsibility despite many red flags that he was dishonest, or at least lacked integrity. Brinton’s rise through DNC circles began with his giving speeches/interviews regarding gay conversion therapy that he allegedly endured in late 90s/early 00s. He alleged that he had electrified needles inserted under his fingernails and other such tortures, which were beyond the avg experience for teens/children in gay conversion therapy at that point in time. Brinton was repeatedly asked to name his alleged tormentor but always demurred. This is outrageous because if he really cared about protecting children, why not take action to prevent Dr. Evil from electrocuting any more of them? Brinton even changed the details of his story to suit the audience, e.g. at a UN event re: licensed psychologists abusing children, his unnamed tormentor became a licensed psychologist instead of a church official, as Brinton had stated previously.

    So this is a rather long comment, but I just mean to say–why was it so important to the Dems/Biden admin to promote this bizarre person? I refuse to believe that there was no one more qualified. Remember when Biden fired all of the WH staffers who were entrapped into admitting they’d smoked weed at some point in their lives? So… I guess the point of that exercise wasn’t to weed out (heh heh) moral delinquents, but to weed out people who were too stupid and/or honest to lie? I’m more interested in what the Biden admin/DNC was thinking than in Brinton as a person.

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