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Josh Mitteldorf on US Senate COVID Panel; Brian Ruhe Dumps Hitler and STOPS Going Death Con 3

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Scientist Josh Mittledorf continues discussing his articles on Part  1 and Part 2 of Wednesday’s US Senate Hearings on COVID issues chaired by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). (I knocked on doors to help re-elect Ron Johnson so he could do this—and hopefully investigate the mega-scandal of COVID origins.)

Final 30 minutes: This just in: My favorite (ex?)Buddhist Nazi, Brian Ruhe, has STOPPED “going Death Con 3 on the Jews.”  In his brand-new post Brian writes:

“I promise I will stop bashing the Jews and stop promoting Adolf Hitler. I’m done. I’m moving in a gentler direction now. I’m taking one step at a time towards peace, harmony, unity consciousness, concord, oneness or whatever people want to call it.”

For what it’s worth, Brian isn’t giving up all of his controversial beliefs: He credits the Grey aliens with a role in his decision to dump Hitler.

Will the ADL reward Brian for his change of heart? If they can steal billions from Ye and Kyrie Irving, they ought to be able to cough up at least a few million to reward people who “stop bashing the Jews and stop promoting Adolf Hitler.” Shouldn’t they?

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