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LIVE RADIO! Lori Price on “CLG in the Crosshairs of Totalitarian Censors”; Thaddeus Kozinski and Peter Simpson on “Antichrist Rising: The Plandemic and the Age of Unreality”

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at First hour: Lori Price of Citizens for Legitimate Government discusses CLG’s latest censorship problem, then in the last 15 minutes Rolf Lindgren discusses tomorrow’s Republican Party picnic in Verona, WI featuring a 40-minute speech by Sen. Ron Johnson. (Jim Fetzer and I plan to be there—don’t tell Antifa!) CLG’s June 22 newsletter was blocked by Yahoo email servers because it included a link to a Gateway Pundit article,  “Pfizer Ordered by Uruguayan Judge to Report Composition of Covid-19 Vaccines Including Any Presence of ‘Graphene Oxide’ or ‘Nanotechnological Elements.” The article did not…