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LIVE RADIO! Gordon Duff on Victor Bout & Tucker’s “CIA Killed JFK”; Ramin Mazaheri on France’s Yellow Vests

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Gordon Duff of offers an insider’s view of the Victor Bout affair, Tucker Carlson’s “CIA killed JFK” episode, and much more. Gordon told me before the interview that in his early days with the Company he met some of the key characters depicted in Oliver Stone’s JFK. Unlike Piper and Guyenot, Gordon Duff blames CIA Nazis (Allan Dulles and friends) more than Zionists. He also reminded me that our mutual acquaintance Dmitri Khalezov, whose 9/11 revelations range from plausible to ridiculous, was living with Victor Bout in Thailand when Bout was arrested.

Second hour: Ramin Mazaheri discusses his book France’s Yellow Vests: Western Repression of the West’s Best Values. The two-part volume begins with a plausible revisionist history of French socialism, then moves on to a sympathetic examination of the Yellow Vest (gilet jaune) workers movement that nearly erupted into French Revolution 2.0. Ramin Mazaheri was on-site covering the Yellow Vests for Press TV during the movement’s heydey, and his coverage, more than anyone else’s, underlined the historical significance of those extraordinary events.

We’ll also discuss the CIA regime change operation in Iran that is falsely portrayed in Western media as a protest movement. Ramin Mazaheri has written a book on Iranian Islamic socialism and has debated the World Socialist Website on Iran-related topics.


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