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FFWN: Elon Goes to Auschwitz (with E. Michael Jones)

Watch above Saturdays after 1 pm Eastern

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1) Help FFWN discourage genocide


2) ICJ Genocide Decision  The ICJ Could Not Order A General Ceasefire. It Ordered Israel To Cease Fire.

3) Daily death toll in Gaza surpasses any other in 21st century: Oxfam

4) 24 Israeli Massacres in 24 Hours: Over 200 Palestinians Killed in Gaza

5) Two dozen Israeli troopers killed in Gaza clashes, highest single-day death toll,-highest-single-day-toll

Elon Goes to Auschwitz

6) Elon Musk visits Auschwitz after uproar over antisemitic messages on X

7) Elon was shown fake “Holocaust footage” during visit to Auschwitz


8) Lyin’ Adam Schiff says his family came to America fleeing the Holocaust

9) Blinken tours West Africa amid looming shadow of China and Russia

9.5) Holocaust Museum Requires Total Overhaul to Prevent Visitors from Saluting Hitler and Taking Pro-Nazi Selfies

Pro-Truth/Anti-Genocide = “Anti-Semitism”

10) Growing Oct. 7 ‘truther’ groups say Hamas massacre was a false flag (WaPo)

11) There is a right and wrong way for Catholics to criticize Israel

12) Israel Admits It Is Stealing Corpses from Palestinian Graveyards

Israel Assassinates

13) Israel assassinates five senior Iranian military advisors in central Damascus

14) Israel Deliberately Kills Academics, Intellectuals in Gaza – Euro-Med Rights Group

15) NYT: “Political assassinations rarely work”

Axis of Resistance

16) Biden Has Started Another US War (on Yemen)

17) THE HOUTHIS MAY HAVE CHECKMATED BIDEN IN RED SEA STANDOFF The hardened Yemeni rebel force can’t be deterred without risky and costly U.S. escalations.

18) Iranian Axis Grinds Down US’ Will as Israel Suffers Stunning Setbacks


19) Harvard faculty, staff form group for ‘Justice in Palestine’, slam ‘unfolding genocide in Gaza’

20) Israeli hostage posters “defaced” (i.e. improved) at Harvard

21) Harvard teaching hospital to retract papers by top researchers following data falsification probe

Fire Extinguishers

22) Polish Parliament Votes to Strip MP Grzegorz Braun of Legal Immunity for Extinguishing Menorah

23) Grzegorz Braun: Poland’s Challenger of Zionism

Trump Train

24) Is Atlantic Magazine Illustration of a Bullet Hole and $47 (Retweeted by Alex Soros) a Threat Against Trump?

25) Texas Defies Supreme Court, Installs More Razor Wire Along Border


26) Dutch Queen at Davos: Biometric Digital IDs Are Good for Tracking Vaccination Status

27) Canadian Truckers Score Big Victory Over Trudeau in Federal Court


28) Believe it or not, you can use conspiracy theories as tools for teaching (Times Higher Ed, Inside Higher Ed)

29) Saudi Arabia opens first liquor store

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