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FFWN: Musk Declares Amnesty—Censorship Epidemic Over? with Lucy Morgan Edwards

Watch above Sunday (not Saturday) noon Eastern

Guest commentator: Lucy Morgan Edwards

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Censorship Epidemic

2) Musk Declares Twitter Amnesty—MSM Apoplectic 

3) The West renounces freedom of expression

4) Canada tells world leaders to clamp down on online “misinformation” – Calling for regulation across the globe

5) Chrystia Freeland: The dangerous WEF devotee behind Trudeau’s Canadian project

Ukraine Fallout

6) NATO’s Frankenstein Monster… Kiev Regime Exposed in Criminal False-Flag Attack on Poland

7) “Emmanuel Macron” (Russian prankster) calls Polish president shortly after false flag missile attack

8) Warsaw Voice: “There Will Be Penalties” for Russian Prank Call

9) Ukraine – Lights Out, No Water And Soon No Heat

10) Media Obscures Key Reason For Russian Retreat From Kherson; Namely to Prevent the Destruction of the Nova Kakhovka Dam

11) Donbass Forces are Defending their Future from Ukrainian Shelling and Fascism

12) Is NATO Falling Apart?

13) Europe accuses US of profiting from war

14) A Very Different Global State of Affairs Takes Hold

Pedophile Elite

15) Welsh Govt sexualisation of children court case by Mums

16) Public Child Protection – Wales vs. the Child-Groomers

17) Balenciaga wipes social media, apologizes for child bondage campaign

Degeneracy Watch

18) Rishi Sunak Named Hedge Fund After Satanist Aleister Crowley

19) Kathleen Stock v the Cambridge bigots

20) Qatar Doesn’t Have Enough Genders to Host a World Cup

Joke of US/UK “Democracy”

21) Craig Murray: FTX & the Joke of US Democracy

22) Jeremy Hunt DENIES briefing that UK wants ‘Swiss-style’ ties with EU

23) “Baroness Bra” Michelle Mone’s family ‘received £29m profits from PPE firm’

Locked Down Forever?

24) Global News: A Global Passport for Vaccines and Carbon Tracking

25) G20 To Impose COVID Vaccine to Restrictions on International Travel

26) Swiss Doctor Locked Away in Mental Asylum for Speaking Against COVID Laws, April 2020

Kill Shots?

27) Increasing Vaccine Deaths and Adverse Events Blamed on Anti-Vaxxers

28) Graphene COVID Kill Shots: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself

Genteel Dinner Parties

29) Trump Hosts Kanye West, White Nationalist Nick Fuentes For Dinner  

30) German Soccer Players Stand With Kanye?!

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