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Elon Musk Says “No Choice” But to Kill Six Million Israeli Jews

Elon Musk, reeling from an anti-Semitism scandal, has upped the ante. In a sit-down interview posted online by the Israeli Government Press Office, Musk clearly stated that the world has no choice but to kill six million Israeli Jews. Here is the quote, word-for-word:

“There’s no choice but to kill those who insist on murdering civilians.”

90% of the Israeli Jewish population—slightly over six million Jews—insist on murdering civilians.

Israel has murdered about 20,000 civilians in Gaza in six weeks—over 15,000 whose bodies have been counted and identified, and more than 5000 who are still rotting beneath the rubble of their destroyed homes, hospitals, clinics, churches, mosques, and schools.

How do we know that at least six million Israeli Jews insist on murdering tens of thousands of civilians in Gaza? Just look at the poll numbers. In an early November poll, “only 10% of Israeli Jews in the Israel Democracy Institute poll said they would support a pause in fighting in order to exchange hostages.” That means 90% of Israeli Jews are so bloodthirsty that they didn’t even want to stop the genocide for a few days to get some of their hostages back!

90% of Israel’s Jewish population of 7.145 million equals 6.43 million genocidal maniacs who insist on killing civilians.

Obviously Elon Musk was referring to those six million Jews when he said: “There’s no choice but to kill those who insist on murdering civilians.”

We all know that Elon Musk is a closet anti-Semite because he allows free speech on his platform. And he is on the record acknowledging that Jews are behind the “great replacement” of white people through open-borders immigration, as well as accompanying anti-white racism. He calls that theory “the actual truth.”

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Musk wants to kill every last one of the 6.43 million genocidal child-killing Jews of Israel. The only surprising thing is that he admitted it in public, and the Israeli Government Press Office approvingly posted it.

Does the Israeli Government Press Office, like Elon Musk, want to kill the 6.43 million #GazaHolocaust-endorsing Israeli Jews? That’s the implication of the IGPO’s tacit endorsement of Musk’s words. Is the Israeli Government Press Office run by “self-hating Jews?” If so, that’s some pretty serious self-hatred! Even Hitler, according to legend, only killed six million.

Will the ADL, Jewish Defense League, SPLC, and other pro-Israel groups attack Musk for calling for the execution of the 6.43 million genocidal Jewish war criminals of Israel? Will they charge that Musk’s trip to Israel wasn’t really about Starlink—that was just the cover story—but actually involved a secret plan to help Hamas build gas chambers in the tunnels of Gaza? Is Musk conspiring with Hamas to ship the 6.43 million #GazaHolocaust-supporting Jewish war criminals to those gas chambers?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. JackieG

    Contrary to popular belief there are no innocent Jews.
    Not one.

    1. Jesus was an innocent Jew ; – )

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