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LIVE RADIO: Dmitry Orlov on “Wherefore Israel?”, Ken Meyercord Says IDF Killed Civilians on Oct. 7, Sam Husseini on “Israel and the Kennedy Assassinations”

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First hour: In his new article “Wherefore Israel? Governments of, by, and for the Jews don’t last long” Dmitry Orlov opines that the Zionist entity’s days are numbered, and urges Israelis to flee to the real Jewish homeland: the Jewish Autonomous Region in eastern Russia. Excerpt:

“If Israel’s American masters have grown weak, what about the Israeli military itself? Yes, they can still kill tens of thousands of unarmed civilians in Gaza and the West Bank (many people are calling that genocide) but can they win the peace? I don’t think so! What the Israeli military has done so far is unspeakably bad from every possible angle. In trying to counter the Hamas incursion in the south, next to Gaza, the Israelis managed to kill around 1400 of their own through ‘friendly fire.’* It is difficult to imagine a more dismal performance.

“The majority of October 7th Israeli deaths were soldiers. Of the rest, many, if not most, were killed by the IDF itself in crossfire, Hannibal Directive actions (not caring about the lives of hostages), and just plain panic with lots of cases of mistaken identity. Following their incursion into Gaza, the Israelis have been losing large numbers of their Merkava tanks due to ATGM fire from shoulder-launched rockets provided to Hamas by the Ukrainians. The Israeli government has approximately zero public support. If, as expected, the Gaza escapade ends in shame and the money dries up, the Israelis will do what birds do when the bird feeder runs out of seed: they will fly away.”

Next year in Khabarovsk?

Second hour: Ken Meyercord leads off with questions about what really happened on October 7th: “Could it be that the now famous Israeli Woodstock, which accounted for half of all the Israeli civilians killed, was never attacked by Hamas? It’s generally agreed that the target of those armed paragliders who landed in the neighborhood was a nearby kibbutz. Could it be they stuck to their plan, that the festivalgoers hearing the gunfire panicked, so that when the Israeli military learned of the attack on the kibbutz and sent out the helicopter gunships, the pilots, seeing a chaotic traffic jam of those fleeing the concert grounds, assumed that’s where the action was and so fired indiscriminately on the melee? If so, it’s not likely to ever come out as it would be such a blackmark on the reputation of the touted Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). When Jesus opined that ‘all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword,’ he probably could not have envisioned that one day sabre-rattling sabras—his coreligionists—would die of self-inflicted wounds.”

Then Sam Husseini discusses his 60th- anniversary-of-the-JFK-assassination article “Israel and the Kennedy Assassinations” as well as last summer’s “60 Years Ago, JFK Tried to Stop the Israeli Bomb.” Sam wonders why he never heard about the Israel-did-it theory until recently, even though it has been raised or espoused by a several well-known people including former Congressman Paul Findley, Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, historian Martin Sandler, NSA biographer James Bamford, and Jack Ruby’s lawyer William Kunstler. Sam adds: “Several months ago I watched Israel & The Assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers: A Documentary by Laurent Guyénot. I spent several hours trying to find a factual error in it and couldn’t.”

We’ll also discuss his article “To Save Gaza, Invoke the Genocide Convention.”

*Actually Israel seems to have exaggerated its October 7 death count, with the real total being closer to 1100 than 1400. Of the 1100 killed, around 600 were military, the majority killed by Hamas. Of the roughly 500 civilians killed, the majority, probably the vast majority, were killed by the IDF. There is no convincing evidence of Hamas orders to kill civilians, nor of any actual mass killings of civilians by Hamas.

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