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FFWN: Hamas Is Winning! Zaghrouta!

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1) Help FFWN report the other side of the story

Breaking  News


3) Pro-Palestine rallies held across world as truce takes hold in Gaza

Hamas Is Winning

4) Hamas Winning Battle for Gaza (Scott Ritter)

5) Israel army retreats to ‘relatively safer points’ in Gaza City

6) Resistance groups produce a steady stream of combat videos

7) All-Out War for Ukraine – Nukes for Israel


8) To Save Gaza, Invoke the Genocide Convention

8a) Proof Israelis Lied About al-Shifa Hospital (Gareth Porter)

9) Why Does the West Support the Genocide of Gaza?]

Western Militaries Support Genocide

10) Britain’s SAS Abetting Gaza Genocide?

11) Army Begs Unvaccinated Soldiers to Return

Faces of US Mideast Policy

12) Killing 4,000 Palestinian children ‘wasn’t enough’, ex-Obama adviser tells vendor in verbal attack

13) This Is The Real Face Of The US Empire

14) It’s the Jewish Supremacy, Stupid!

15) Ex-Trump Middle East envoy triggered by airline uniforms: Jason Greenblatt suggested the accessories worn by United staff “look like a keffiyeh”


16) Kyrie Irving polarizes NBA fans by wearing keffiyeh, openly showing support for Palestine 

17) Israeli billions, Mossad and Houthi revenge: Why was a cargo ship seized in the Red Sea?

Anti-Semitism Watch

18) Israel’s War on American Student Activists

19) NC progressive Democrat says Jewish caucus would ‘end’ the party: ‘They control everything’

20) Did a Cafe’s Pro-Israel Stance Cause a Staff Revolt? It’s Complicated. (NYT)

$100 Million Shekels & They Own You?

21) AOC Slams AIPAC Over Plan to Spend $100M to Unseat The Squad

22) Can 100 Million Dollars Make You Hate Hamas?

Trademark Infringement

23) Jewish men in US apply to trademark ‘from the river to the sea Palestine will be free’ in attempt to ban slogan

Hate Crimes

24) German police raid homes of 17 people accused of posting antisemitic hate speech on social media

25) Maryland hate crime commission member suspended for anti-Israel social media posts 

26) ‘Israel’ deliberately kills Al Mayadeen’s crew in South Lebanon–deliberately-kills-al-mayadeen-s-crew-in-south-leba

27) Israeli ex-Justice Minister Ayelet “Kill the Babies (Little Snakes) and Their Moms” Shaked Wants Total Genocide of Gaza

60th Anniversary of JFK Assassination

28) Israel and the Kennedy Assassinations

29) King-Kill/33º — Symbolism, Psychological Warfare and Revelations in the John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy: A study of the Deep State’s immolation of a Catholic president in masonic sacred space

30) JFK’s Assassination Cut Short My Uncle’s Vision for America, But We Can Redeem It

Fake Populists

31) Who is Javier Milei, Argentina’s new right-wing, pro-Israel president?

32) Presidential frontrunner (Javier Milei in Argentina) reveals Judaism conversion plans — will Ben Shapiro circumcise him on live TV?

Escape from Wisconsin

33) Janesville police: Suspicious item found at Goodwill was ‘live cluster bomblet’

34) Deer Crashes Through Window Terrorizes Crowded Restaurant

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