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Laurent Guyénot on Bibi’s Biblical Genocide & JFK Anniversary

Laurent Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion may be the best book yet written on the “Jewish Question.”

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Next Wednesday is the 60th anniversary of the JFK coup d’état.  By then we’ll be six weeks into Israel’s genocide of Gaza. Are the two tragedies related? Today’s guest, historian Laurent Guyénot, says yes. Both crimes, he argues, are symptoms of Zionist psychopathy, a malign cultural syndrome whose historical roots go back 3000 years to the dawn of the Yahwist hate cult. Check out his brand-new “Kennedy Assassination: “CIA-Did-It” Theorists Are Covering for Israel,” as well as “The Gospel of Gaza: What we must learn from Netanyahu’s Bible lessons,” “Israel’s Biblical Psychopathy,” and “Kennedy: An Israeli Perspective.”

After earning an engineering degree (ENSTA, 1982), Laurent Guyénot pursued his interests in the history and anthropology of religions, earning his doctorate in Medieval Studies (Paris IV-Sorbonne, 2008). His current research focuses on the religious and civilizational backgrounds of Zionist geostrategy. His books include Jesus and John the Baptist: Historical Inquiry into a Legendary Meeting (Imago), Fairy Death: An Anthropology of the Marvelous (Gallimard), and (translated into English), JFK-9/11: Fifty Years of Deep State (Progressive Press),  From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land … Clash of Civilizations; and Our God Is Your God Too, But He Has Chosen Us.


We’ll be addressing the question of how do they get away with it? Back in 1963, they shot the President in broad daylight. And then they shot the patsy on live TV, using a mafia hitman to walk through a parting Red Sea of Dallas police officers to dispatch Lee Harvey Oswald. That was 60 years ago. The anniversary is coming up on Wednesday.

And as that anniversary approaches, we’re going into the sixth week of the genocide of Gaza. Every day, dozens more children are slaughtered by Zionist bombs. Nothing can stop them. It’s being broadcast to the whole world, live on television, just like the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald was broadcast live to tens of millions of Americans. The whole world can see it, just like it could see the JFK coup d’état in broad daylight, and yet it seems powerless to stop it.

What’s going on here?

Well, I’m no expert on Middle East geopolitics, so I don’t have much original information on what’s going on. My viewpoint is focused on the ancient roots, as you said, and as you know, because you translated my book From Yahweh to Zion. And today, I think my thesis stands confirmed, because Netanyahu is quoting the Bible all the time—at least four times recently.

It shows that there is something deep in the soul of Israel—the soul of Israel today, yesterday and tomorrow—that is deeply rooted in what he (Netanyahu) calls the Bible, by which he means the Tanakh, the Torah and the historical books. He uses the term the Bible, I suppose, because that’s the English for Jewish people. The Bible means the Tanakh. Tanakh is a Hebrew word. I suppose in English they use this term, the Bible, which makes Christians uncomfortable. My theory makes them uncomfortable, too. And it makes some Muslims uncomfortable, but probably less. Because, as I understand, I’m no expert, maybe you can tell me, but Muslims believe the Bible has been changed, it’s not the original Word of God. So, there’s maybe more openness from Muslims to considering that there is something deeply evil in the way Yahweh is presented. When I say Yahweh, people sometimes don’t understand what I mean. Do I mean a real being or just a character in a story written by people? And I’m myself not completely sure. My basic viewpoint is that, well, Yahweh as he appears in the Bible, as he speaks in the Bible, as he orders the Jewish people to slaughter these people or that people, is a character of fiction. But ideas tend to become real and have a real effect on people when those ideas are transmitted from generation to generation. So Yahweh in a sense is a real evil spirit. It is an evil influence on Israel which goes very deep—not only on religious people, I believe, because I’ve come to the conclusion that the Bible is not just a religious book. Many non-religious Jews are very attached to the Bible and very influenced by it.

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