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Stanley Kubrick: Whistleblowing satirist or AI transhumanist?

Listen HERE Video link Jasun Horsley is the author of several provocative books on movies, conspiracies, and combinations thereof. His new book The Kubrickon: The Cult of Kubrick: Attention Capture and the Inception of AI may go down in history as the best book on Stanley Kubrick ever written by an author who hates Kubrick. Since I personally rather like Kubrick and find that most of his films have redeeming social and artistic value, this interview turned into something of a debate—one that I was guaranteed to lose, since Jasun is a Kubrick expert and I’m not. Below is full…


Binoy Kampmark on Killer AI, Rashid Daoud & Dr. Yang-chu Higgins on “Great Reamset”

Listen HERE Garry Davis (discussed in the previous show) was a human being. So when given orders to participate in insane, meaningless carnage, he was capable of questioning those orders. But killer AI, unlike most human beings, is 100% psychopathic—and therefore perfectly suited to the military mass murders that have killed over 100 million people in a little over a century. So let’s talk to Binoy Kampmark of RMIT University, Melbourne about “War Mongering for Artificial Intelligence” and some of his other articles on such topics as vaccine passports, cancel culture, drug moralists, forever wars, and more. In the second half…