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Stanley Kubrick: Whistleblowing satirist or AI transhumanist?

Listen HERE Video link Jasun Horsley is the author of several provocative books on movies, conspiracies, and combinations thereof. His new book The Kubrickon: The Cult of Kubrick: Attention Capture and the Inception of AI may go down in history as the best book on Stanley Kubrick ever written by an author who hates Kubrick. Since I personally rather like Kubrick and find that most of his films have redeeming social and artistic value, this interview turned into something of a debate—one that I was guaranteed to lose, since Jasun is a Kubrick expert and I’m not. Below is full…


Jasun Horsley on how socialism, occultism, and the sexual revolution engineered a culture of abuse

  Listen HERE In his new book The Vice of Kings: how socialism, occultism, and the sexual Revolution engineered a culture of Abuse Jasun Horsley writes: “Growing up, I never had the slightest idea that socialism not only overlapped with, but was in some sense either a parallel project to or a cover for, social experimentation involving sex, drugs, and strange rituals. I was always under the impression that these areas were worlds apart (at least until the 1960s). A natural assumption, on discovering this strange overlap, is simply that the leftist reformers of my family and beyond were freethinkers…


PRISONERS LIBERATED? Jasun Horsley on Ufos, social engineering, psychology of fragmentation; Charles Messina on prison conversion to Islam

Listen HERE Tonight we welcome two guests with amazing stories of imprisonment and liberation. First hour: Jasun Horsley is the author of Prisoner of Infinity: Ufos, social engineering, and the psychology of fragmentation.  His book, and our conversation, raises such questions as: Is ordinary reality a kind of imprisonment? Are we prisoners of our conditioning, and the narratives they impose on us? Is reality beyond the walls of Plato’s cave much vaster and more stunningly beautiful than most of us could ever imagine? But if so, are certain quasi-shamanic pathways purportedly offering liberation through trauma just another, maybe even nastier,…