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LIVE RADIO! Jasun Horsley on the Holocaust, Philip K. Dick, and “the technological body of evil”; Mike King on “Crash Course: 9/11 Inside Job”

Listen live Fridays noon to 2pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Is a disembodied demonic entity or entities taking over our minds…and the world? That’s the thesis of Philip K. Dick’s classic The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. It’s also a theme explored in Jasun Horsley’s PKD-inspired Big Mother: The Technological Body of Evil. We’ll also touch on the #GazaHolocaust as well as THE Holocaust (TM), which Jasun has been discussing at his Substack.

A few quotes from Big Mother:

“The evidence suggests rather that artificial intelligence will arise (in fact, already has arisen) not from but through computer technology, from an external source that is able to ‘possess’ the machine and animate it, which in fact can only become known to us through the medium of technology.

“As the author Philip K. Dick anticipated by some 50 years (in Martian Time-Slip), there is growing evidence that children with autism respond more naturally to objects than they do to people (especially trains). Simon Baron-Cohen, director of the Autism Research Center at the Uni- versity of Cambridge in England (as well as other ‘autism experts’), has suggested that robots, computers, and other electronic devices appeal to autists because, unlike people, they are predictable. Autists, Baron- Cohen says, ‘find unlawful situations toxic. They can’t cope. So they turn away from people and turn to the world of objects’.”

“As we have defined it, autism is a condition of hyper-sensitivity or extra-consensual perception in which the ordinary physical senses are seen to overlap with apparently ‘supernatural’ or ‘paranormal’ potentialities, such as psychism, precognition, etc. The earliest depictions of autism in the field of science fiction were by Dick (‘The Minority Report’ in 1956, and Martian Time-Slip, in 1964), and emphasised this overlap. The autists in Dick’s fiction are psychics whose capacity to perceive the future and other extra-consensual realms makes them both a threat to humanity and an essential aid to it, a force to be harnessed but also, like the androids in Dick’s later novel, to be feared.”

Second hour: Mike King of has a new book out: Crash Course: 9/11 Inside Job: Debunking the Official Story in Just One Hour. It’s a condensed and updated version of his 2003 book Stranger Than Fiction, and covers both the well-known (to 9/11-savvy folks) topics like Larry Silverstein, dancing Israelis, magic passports, PNAC’s “new Pearl Harbor,” controlled demolitions, WTC-7, Pentagon crash anomalies, the 46 drills, and still-living “hijackers” AND some items that deserve to be better known, including Netanyahu’s “prophetic” terror warning, the mysteries of the Zionist “E-Team” and “Gelatin” art groups, the October 2001 Israeli attempt to bomb the Mexican congress and blame “al-Qaeda,” the murder of 9/11 widow and truth-seeker Beverly Eckhart shortly after her meeting with then-president Obama, and more.


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