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FFWN: Could Aaron Bushnell’s Sacrifice Spark Regime Change?

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1) CIA Says It Slammed Alleged 9/11 Mastermind Into a Wall Whenever He Tried to Talk About 9/11

Aaron Bushnell

2) Aaron Bushnell at the Israeli Embassy: “FREE PALESTINE!”

3) A Profound Act Of Sincerity


5) Viral video shows US veterans burning uniforms at vigil for Aaron Bushnell in Portland

6) US Killing ‘Large Numbers of Palestinians’ in Gaza – What Did Aaron Bushnell Know?


7) Intercept Exposé of Zionist Oct. 7 Rape Lies

8) New York Times ‘Reviewing’ Reporter Who Liked Gaza ‘Slaughterhouse’ Tweet

9) Oct7FactCheck vs. Zio-Lies

10) An assessment: Israeli legal team repeatedly lied to World Court


11) ‘Massacre’: Dozens killed by Israeli fire in Gaza while collecting food aid

12) ‘Starvation as method of warfare’: Gaza facing ‘mass killing of children in slow motion’

13) Joe Biden critics slam US President for eating ice cream as he answer questions on Gaza ceasefire

14) ISRAELI soldiers record themselves destroying a children’s toy store in Gaza.

15) Will Egypt allow Palestinian displacement to Sinai in exchange for debt relief?

16) America’s Church: The (Zionist) Invention Of The Evangelical Christian Movement

Borrowed Time

17) China tells ICJ: Palestinians have the right to use ‘armed force’ against Israel

18) Benjamin Netanyahu on borrowed time

War on Russia

19) Seeking to Unsettle Russia, Macron Provokes Allies

20) ‘Catastrophic scenario’ if NATO troops deploy to Ukraine – top Russian senator

21) British military chief helped Zelensky destroy Russian war ships

22) Nord Stream: Denmark closes investigation into pipeline blast

23) ‘Urgent’ For G7 To Seize Russian Profits For Ukraine: Yellen

24) NYT discloses network of secret CIA spy bases in Ukraine, financed & equipped by CIA without Congressional approval

25) Tucker Carlson in Russia: Failed plot to kill American anchor ahead of Putin interview?


26) George Galloway who campaigned against Gaza war wins UK by-election

27) Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Trump’s Immunity Claim, Setting Arguments for April (NYT)

Signs of the Times

28) Everything you need to know about Google AI.

29) A few years back, Canada got people jabbed by offering them discounts and freebies. Now Canada “treats” those with “vaccine” injuries by offering them EUTHANASIA


30) “Satan” Trends Online Following Death Of ‘Lord’ Jacob Rothschild

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