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FFWN: “Is the Media Prepared for an Extinction-Level Event?” with E. Michael Jones

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1) Support MSM Extinction, Help FFWN!

Media Mendacity

2) Is the Media Prepared for an Extinction-Level Event?

3) Feeble BBC Hamas ‘exposé’ achieved one thing: obscuring genocide

“Conspiracy Theories”

4) Manchester Arena attack survivors win case against conspiracy theorist

5) Intuitive Machines makes first U.S. moon landing in 51 years

6) American Pravda: Gaza, Jewish Power, and the Holocaust


 7) Israeli forces fired on food convoy in Gaza, UN documents and satellite analysis reveals

8) ‘Israel civilians brought to regime’s jails to watch Palestinians tortured’

9) ‘I am Proud of the Ruins of Gaza’ – Israeli Minister Tells Knesset

10) I’m an American doctor who went to Gaza. What I saw wasn’t war — it was annihilation (LA Times)

11) World slams US ceasefire veto at UN Security Council on Israel’s Gaza war

12) Palestinians in Gaza Do Have Somewhere to Go: Their Homes in What is Now Israel

(War) Crime & (Lack of) Punishment

13) IDF Comes up With a Whole New Set of War Crimes

14) ICJ issues decision on South Africa’s urgent request for additional measures in genocide case against Israel

15) The world confronts Israel over its occupation of Palestinian lands (WaPo) 

Long March Through the Institutions

16) Randi Weingarten: Israeli Nationalist and American Communist

17) Almost All Catholic Women’s Colleges Admit Men Who Identify as Women

18) JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock drop out of massive UN climate alliance in stunning move


19) Australian Parliament Formally Opposes Assange Extradition

20) US ‘Always Planned’ For Assange to Die in Prison

War on Russia

21) What Happened to Alexei Navalny This Time Round

22) Brits Killed Navalny -Gilbert Doctorow

23) Key Donbass city of Avdeevka liberated – Moscow

24) A Brief History of Ukraine

“Russian Threats”

25) Is This a Sputnik Moment? (“Space Threats” Director Demands Billion$ to Counter “Russian Space Nukes.”) NYT:

26) Medvedev threatens Berlin, London and Washington with nuclear retaliation if Russia is to return to 1991 borders

War on Trump

27) Trump barred from operating business, ordered to pay over $350 million in NY civil fraud case

28) Many Reporters Paid for Covering the Russiagate Story

Who Knew? UK Vastly Worse for Jews than Gaza is for Palestinians!

29) ‘London is not London any more, I literally feel unsafe’: Jewish father reveals ‘horrendous’ pain at discovering Home Office staff ‘defaced’ his baby’s birth certificate and scribbled out his birthplace of ‘Israel’ when he applied for UK passport

30) Police seek culprit who put Palestine sticker on Amy Winehouse statue

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  1. Mac Truth

    Mickey Huff reports independent reporters with reservations forced out of seats at Assange extradition court house hearing for AP trusted hacks

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