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Two Shia Muslims and a Goat Farmer Walk Into a Radio Show: Part 1

Listen HERE Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, and the Shia school of thought may be its fastest-growing segment. Tonight we talk to two white American converts to Shia Islam—one ethnically Italian, one ethnically Jewish—plus an Italian-American dairy goat farmer who hasn’t converted to Shiism…yet. (Disclaimer: I haven’t either. I’m just a plain ole Muslim.) First half hour: Charles Messina is an Italian-American Shia Muslim. He wrote me: “Salaam Dr. Kevin, I have been very busy on the [NYC] subway talking about Islam, Iran,  & the great General Soleimani, and I want to let the American people know…


PRISONERS LIBERATED? Jasun Horsley on Ufos, social engineering, psychology of fragmentation; Charles Messina on prison conversion to Islam

Listen HERE Tonight we welcome two guests with amazing stories of imprisonment and liberation. First hour: Jasun Horsley is the author of Prisoner of Infinity: Ufos, social engineering, and the psychology of fragmentation.  His book, and our conversation, raises such questions as: Is ordinary reality a kind of imprisonment? Are we prisoners of our conditioning, and the narratives they impose on us? Is reality beyond the walls of Plato’s cave much vaster and more stunningly beautiful than most of us could ever imagine? But if so, are certain quasi-shamanic pathways purportedly offering liberation through trauma just another, maybe even nastier,…