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PRISONERS LIBERATED? Jasun Horsley on Ufos, social engineering, psychology of fragmentation; Charles Messina on prison conversion to Islam

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Tonight we welcome two guests with amazing stories of imprisonment and liberation.

First hour: Jasun Horsley is the author of Prisoner of Infinity: Ufos, social engineering, and the psychology of fragmentation.  His book, and our conversation, raises such questions as: Is ordinary reality a kind of imprisonment? Are we prisoners of our conditioning, and the narratives they impose on us? Is reality beyond the walls of Plato’s cave much vaster and more stunningly beautiful than most of us could ever imagine? But if so, are certain quasi-shamanic pathways purportedly offering liberation through trauma just another, maybe even nastier, prison?

Prisoners of Infinity considers such questions by way of a close examination of the career of self-styled UFO contactee Whitley Streiber. Horsely suggests that Streiber may be a victim of organized abuse, and that his alleged abductions by aliens could be screen memories masking severe trauma. The picture that emerges is a disturbing one: Intelligence agencies and secret societies may be using trauma-based mind-control not only to create Manchurian candidates, super-soldiers, and psychics, but also to re-engineer our society in service to their own wealth and power.

So if occultism and engineered trauma aren’t the best routes out of “prison,” then what is? Many experts, from René Guenon to Charles Upton, say the answer is traditional religious spirituality.

Second hour: Charles Messina, a.k.a. Hasan Abdul Hakim, describes his prison conversion to Islam. Charles wrote me a while back:

“Would you do a show about my Experience going through the US-Miltary 1972 Vietnam Veteran [Era].. then going through the [CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM]- While in the Belly of the Beast [NYS-Prison]-1977-1984 Reverting to Islam from Sunni to Shia-? Then going on to how Trump affected the Union Of [International Association of Bridge Structural & Reinforcement Ironworkers] First Responders after 9-11…”

In this interview we cover the story through Charles’ prison conversion, saving the Trump-9/11 stuff for a possible future interview.

Conversion to Islam in prison—which helped transform Malcolm X—is the single biggest factor preventing recidivism

8 Thoughts to “PRISONERS LIBERATED? Jasun Horsley on Ufos, social engineering, psychology of fragmentation; Charles Messina on prison conversion to Islam”

  1. Kevin, it looks like you forgot to include a link to the program (“Listen Here”) in the write-up. I would like to listen, but can’t figure out how to get there.

  2. Cat McGuire

    The Horsley interview was fascinating. A lot of what he said made a lot of sense. As a shamanic practitioner myself, though, ultimately I felt he threw way too much of the baby out with the bathwater, especially with his castigation of “wooly antimaterialism.” I would really like for Horsley to have a debate with indigenous elders about such spiritual matters that he now so readily dismisses.

    In the early 90s, I went to a superb 2-day conference in Boston organized by Dr. John Mack. I think it was called Star Wisdom. Edgar Mitchell gave the keynote. Basically Mack brought together MIT scientist types with Native American spokespeople to discuss extraterrestial consciousness. No one was “wooly,” yet there certainly were a lot of antimaterialists.

    1. I write a lot about Edgar Mitchell in Prisoner of Infinity. Perhaps woolly isn’t the word here. Devious maybe?

      I am not discounting genuine spiritual or psychic experiences (non that they are synonymous). Only pointing out that the latter can be shaped and directed to trick people into erroneous beliefs and behaviors.

  3. Cat McGuire

    Horsely’s comments that cultural and political leaders could be mind controlled struck a chord with me because I finally recently read Trance Formation by Cathy O’Brien. I have done a lot of research in the past on mind control (e.g., MK Ultra, Ewen Cameron, TIs, Monarch, etc.), but reading and watching interviews with O’Brien as well as Brice Taylor made me really seriously consider how permeated our society might well be with mind control messaging.

    My first instincts upon hearing Michael Jackson or Loretta Lynn, for example, were mind controlled puppets is “oh, come on!” I’m still in full vetting mode researching and trying to make sense of this, but Horsely’s analysis of Whitley Streiber is just another plausible data point that is bringing me closer to understanding the sophistication and degree in which famous people are set up to influence us.

    The Bad Romance video by Lady Gaga would have to be Exhibit A of the type of nihilistic satanic-looking imagery they want to subliminally plant in us. The video has almost a billion views.

  4. Cat McGuire

    Then there is this from James Perloff – Making Sense of the Supernatural: Aliens/UFOs, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, the Flood, the Bible, Transhumanism, and the Illuminati. Yes, They All Tie Together.

    Perloff wrote: I do not believe that the UFO/alien phenomena can be dismissed as purely a psyop that has deceived gullible people. I believe we are dealing with a more complex picture, with significant implications for both history and the future.

  5. Jihad; Ali:

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