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Ole Dammegard: Is this document the Parkland smoking gun?

Ole Dammegard is a star contributor to my False Flag Trilogy

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Ole Dammegard argues that the Parkland school shooting was the latest in a long series of false flags…and explains how he predicted it before it happened.

As I wrote shortly after the shooting in my article ANOTHER Florida false flag? Drills multiple shooters army hiding bodies MSM coverup, this one definitely qualifies as a suspected Gladio B operation. Next weekend I will interview Greg Felton, a former mainstream journalist, who like Ole Dammegard suggests that the mainstream narrative of Parkland is fraudulent.

Some of the sources Ole cites have failed to convince me. For example, he claims that media star and Parkland student David Hogg has told two different stories about the shooting, as shown in this video.  But the claim that Hogg grossly contradicted himself about his actions on the day of the shooting appears to be based on a quote taken out of context. So this is one occasion when the Snopestitutes’ debunking appears to be correct.

But what about this potential smoking gun?

The above document obviously does not fit the mainstream narrative that the Parkland students and their supporters organized the march in reaction to the shooting on February 14.

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  1. carpe

    I thought crisis actor Hogg ended his DC speech really good!

    “From My Cold Dead Hands!”

    still photo:

    3 sec animated GIF:

    6 sec movie, with Charlton Heston NRA speech sound overlay,

    To tweet the movie above where it auto-plays in your tweet, add this to the end of your text, which might include “Click player for sound”:

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