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Ole Dammegard: Is this document the Parkland smoking gun?

Ole Dammegard is a star contributor to my False Flag Trilogy Listen HERE Ole Dammegard argues that the Parkland school shooting was the latest in a long series of false flags…and explains how he predicted it before it happened. As I wrote shortly after the shooting in my article ANOTHER Florida false flag? Drills multiple shooters army hiding bodies MSM coverup, this one definitely qualifies as a suspected Gladio B operation. Next weekend I will interview Greg Felton, a former mainstream journalist, who like Ole Dammegard suggests that the mainstream narrative of Parkland is fraudulent. Some of the sources Ole cites have failed to…


FFWN: 22 years of fake “Islamic terror”

Check out my Veterans Today article: 22 years of fake “Islamic terror” TODAY’S NEWS STORIES AND THEIR SOURCE LINKS “Radical Islamic” False Flags 1) Today is the 22nd anniversary of first WTC false flag 2) Iraqi Army downs 2 UK planes carrying weapons for ISIS 3) ISIS sponsors US, Turkey agree to train ISIS…I mean, anti-ISISISIS 4) New Pentagon Chief Ash Carter “targets Islamic State” 5) Ash Carter helped Zelikow write 9/11 script 6) 9/11 perp Giuliani says Obama does not loveAmerica 7) Dubai tower inferno fails to demolish building 8) Barbara Boxer attacks GOP for threatening to shut…