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FFWN: 22 years of fake “Islamic terror”

Check out my Veterans Today article:

22 years of fake “Islamic terror”



“Radical Islamic” False Flags
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One Thought to “FFWN: 22 years of fake “Islamic terror””

  1. Anonymous

    RE: 1993 WTC bombing

    Dear Mr. Barrett,

    I did a research paper in undergrad communication studies, at UW, in 1996, on WTC 1993 bombing, and found other stuff that I think you need to be informed of. I do not think what you mention in above program is wholly correct.

    1- The FBI agents recording was done after the blind cleric was arrested and I believe during the trial.

    2- The purpose of the recording was to outlaw a particular question at the trial. The question was that if there was an FBI agent in the group and knew of the explosion then why did he not stop it or inform the authorities.

    3- The recording was purportedly done at FBI headquarters, while the Egyptian FBI agent was talking of matter and another recording, all apparently aware of the situation; but since the recording was done without permission, it was used as a technicality to outlaw any question being asked in regards to this issue by the defense attorneys.

    4- there was over 140 hrs of tape recording and all FBI provocations were refuted by blind cleric.

    5- Time magazine had an article six months before the explosion where they protested to the blind cleric speaking and propagating against "Israel" and that he should be charged with "sedition conspiracy" charges. Six months after the explosion that is exactly what he was charged with.

    6- The Muslim and cleric were framed by FBI agent brewing explosives at home and inviting some people over from mosque. It seems like they went over for dinner not to make bomb, but the second they step in they are arrested. It is from here that the trial starts and we learn that there was an FBI agent in the group.

    7- They used the FBI agent to make the bomb and frame the people around the blind cleric, as the explosion itself had failed to bring accusations against the blind cleric.

    8- It was a railroad trial where scant information was available, even though it was a landslide trial.

    9- What I found interesting is that before the WTC trial begins the O.J. Simpson trial starts and about a week after the WTC trial ends, the O.J. Simpson trial ends. Thus, I think O.J. was framed as a distraction so that the WTC trial does not get media spotlight, as it would have.

    10- If WTC trial had received spotlight, it would have been exposed as a sham and frame up. Especially, with the role of the FBI agent. He had a role, but I think you have the story wrong. In other words being misinformed.

    11- I think you need to interview the defense attorney before she dies of cancer, the "terrorist attorney", Lynn Stewart. I asked her before her trial, at her lecture in Seattle, if she thinks they were framed and she was adamant about it that yes.

    12- I did not have access to the trial transcripts, but I reviewed all the news publication stuff for my research. I think it be good if you publish the transcript of the trial, so it be available to all of us, and get a great interview with Lynn Stewart, where you focus on the trial especially.

    Best of luck to you,
    God Bless,
    With love and best regards,
    You have done wonderful work.
    Amazing person you are.

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