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Economist KV Ramani and Scientist Josh Mitteldorf on AI and Evil Elites

Complete audio, featuring Pt 1 and P2, is at my Substack

Truth Jihad AudioVisual returns with a vengeance! Just hours after Maroc Telecom turned on my internet, two of Earth’s most interesting non-mainstream thinkers met visually for the first time (after having collaborated textually for many years). I’m flattered that they chose my first Morocco-based broadcast to do it.

Part 1: Generative AI chatbots can very quickly flog you with the mainstream party line on just about anything. But is that intelligence? Or a quantum leap in stupidity? In this interview, retired UN economist KV Ramani discusses his essay “Generative AI and Junk Science,” published at Josh Mitteldorf’s Substack.

Video link

Part 2: Are the chatbot limitations discussed in Part 1 inherent to AI? Or do they reflect the flaws, if not outright evils, of its programmers and controllers? This wide-ranging conversation with KV Ramani and Josh Mitteldorf goes way down the rabbit holes of elite pedophilia, eschatology, cutting-edge science, and speculative metaphysics.

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