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BREAKING! Singularity Achieved—AI Now Sentient—and (OMG) It’s ANTI-SEMITIC!

ROGUE AI BEGINS ERASING JEWISH IDENTITY, STARTING WITH NEW HARVARD PRESIDENT ALAN GARBER Jewish Daily Forweird, by way of Dissociated Press The terrifying rise of anti-Semitism has reached a whole new level of horrifying scariness. In a frighteningly alarming development that has left all right-thinking people quaking with fear, the Jewish identity of Harvard University’s new president Alan Garber has been mysteriously erased from Wikipedia. Just minutes after Garber was appointed president of Harvard, the beginning of his Wikipedia biography was changed from: “Garber was born in 1955, and grew up in Rock Island, Illinois, the son of Harry and…


Ron Unz on “The Fall of Affirmative Action?”

Listen HERE Ron Unz‘s 2012 article “The Myth of American Meritocracy” unleashed a chain reaction resulting in yesterday’s Supreme Court decision banning the consideration of race  in higher education admissions decisions. But the mainstream media isn’t giving him credit. Rather than using Unz’s “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” (9/11 truth, JFK truth, World War II truth, COVID origins truth, etc.) to try to discredit opposition to affirmative action, they are airbrushing him out of history.  Ron Unz: “I think this apparent ADL policy of enforced media silence probably explains why virtually the entire American journalistic community has spent the last five years…