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Eric Walberg on Rainbow Flag vs. Islam (& HUGE Canadian Muslim-led anti-woke demonstration)

Listen HERE Canadian Muslim Eric Walberg‘s “Reinventing the wheel: Islam and homosexuality” critically reviews Scott Kugle’s books Homosexuality in Islam: Critical reflection on gay lesbian, and transgender Muslims (2010) and Living out Islam: Voices of gay, lesbian and transgender Muslims (2014). Eric notes that “Kugle’s sifting through Islamic history and jurisprudence reveals that this whole debate took place at various times in Islamic history, starting with the time of the Prophet, the first caliphs, and the debate continued until at least the 12th c.” So why reinvent the wheel? Is there a not-so-hidden agenda? Eric’s conclusion: “Kugle calls his (sodomy-permitting) version…


Dr. Syed Haider on “Transgender Ideologies Are Child Abuse”

Listen HERE Dr. Syed Haider sent me a press release that begins: “Transsexual and homosexual curriculum in today’s modern school system has become a concern for parents across the nation. It’s easy for anyone to view TikTok videos of teachers who openly admit to promoting their “queer agenda” on underage students. The UCLA Williams Institute released a study based on data from the CDC which conducted 2 surveys from 2017 to 2020.  The study found that nearly half of those who identify as transgender were between the ages of 13 and 24. What’s even more alarming, the researchers found that the number of transgender…


Preschoolers to teach sex education to college professors

  Dissociated Press The National Association of Preschoolers (NAP) has issued a statement urging all American university professors to enroll in a new remedial sex education program. The preschoolers will be offering “gender clarity for eggheads” classes at pre-kindergarten educational  institutions nationwide beginning in January. NAP spokestoddler Sally S. explained: “Grown-ups are so silly. Some grown-ups don’t know boys have penises and girls have vaginas. We are going to tell them so they know.” OK folks that’s it. I just don’t have the heart to write any more satire. I was going to try to satirize this story: “YPSILANTI, MI…