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Eric Walberg on Rainbow Flag vs. Islam (& HUGE Canadian Muslim-led anti-woke demonstration)

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Canadian Muslim Eric Walberg‘s “Reinventing the wheel: Islam and homosexuality” critically reviews Scott Kugle’s books Homosexuality in Islam: Critical reflection on gay lesbian, and transgender Muslims (2010) and Living out Islam: Voices of gay, lesbian and transgender Muslims (2014). Eric notes that “Kugle’s sifting through Islamic history and jurisprudence reveals that this whole debate took place at various times in Islamic history, starting with the time of the Prophet, the first caliphs, and the debate continued until at least the 12th c.” So why reinvent the wheel? Is there a not-so-hidden agenda? Eric’s conclusion: “Kugle calls his (sodomy-permitting) version of a reformed sharia ‘Islamic humanism’.”  Which raises the question: Is Kugle’s real religion humanism, which makes an idol of the human being, rather than islam(submission of the human to the Divine)?

Eric Walberg also directs us to this scholarly refutation of Kugle by Mobeen Vaid.

Note: This discussion is highly topical in light of the Muslim-led 1 Million March 4 Children that recently rocked Canada and drew Islamophobic pushback from Trudeau.

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