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Dr. Syed Haider on “Transgender Ideologies Are Child Abuse”

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Dr. Syed Haider sent me a press release that begins:

“Transsexual and homosexual curriculum in today’s modern school system has become a concern for parents across the nation. It’s easy for anyone to view TikTok videos of teachers who openly admit to promoting their “queer agenda” on underage students.

The UCLA Williams Institute released a study based on data from the CDC which conducted 2 surveys from 2017 to 2020.  The study found that nearly half of those who identify as transgender were between the ages of 13 and 24.

What’s even more alarming, the researchers found that the number of transgender youths nearly doubled since the first survey was taken in 2017, while the number of US adults who identified as transgender remained steady over that same time.

Dr. Haider offers a hard stance on this issue, based on the old adage, “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”  Dr. Haider advises parents that “It is our job to keep our children’s minds pure.”  He adds “Public Schools are no longer safe for children. They have stopped teaching reading, writing and math.  Instead, they are being presented with bizarre abstract thoughts about gender and their bodies.”

Why is there such a push in today’s public schools to teach children about transgenderism and homosexuality? The argument from trans advocates is that trans people are at risk from bullying and suicide and by normalizing gender dysphoria, transsexuals will feel more accepted.

Dr. Haider asserts the opposite is true and that by encouraging children to take on transgender lifestyles we are now exposing them to these harms.  “It’s like the teachers are planting an evil seed inside a child’s brain and then giving it all the right circumstances to grow into a poisonous plant.”

He reveals that normalizing gender dysphoria will only expose them to the depression and suicide that run abnormally high in the transexual community. Subjecting children to physical surgeries and hormone therapies can have detrimental and irreversible consequences while often increasing risks of suicide and depression.  …”

Dr. Syed Haider has over 10 years of experience as an internal medicine trained hospital doctor. Since December 2020, he has treated thousands of COVID-19 patients around the country by providing easy online access to off-label prescriptions. After realizing that our country has offshored almost all prescription drug manufacturing to unfriendly nations like China, he launched his latest initiative at, providing “prepper antibiotics” and chronic med refills to store in case of emergencies like anthrax or plague bioterror attacks, natural disasters, supply chain breakdowns or just to have on hand for off-grid living and travel. 

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