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Eric Walberg on Gender Madness; Eric Zuesse Nominates Gen. Douglas Macgregor for President

Listen HERE First half-hour: Eric Walberg discusses his latest book review “The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl” and expresses his dismay with the media’s moronic anti-Russia propaganda. Second half-hour: Eric Zuesse nominates Douglas Macgregor! From Eric Zuesse: We need Douglas Macgregor for U.S. President. Here is why: Democrats, Republicans, and independents, all need this person in the U.S. White House. We are the American people; and he represents, more articulately than anybody else does, on the most urgent and important issue confronting the world, what all Americans — and all of the people in the world — need.…


Prof. Michael Brenner deconstructs “transgender”; Rashid Daoud on police oppression of blacks, Bilal Sunni Ali & Brother Lakeem from

Listen HERE International Relations professor Michael Brenner discusses the “downgrading of precision in use of words and terms” including transgender, crisis management, and genocide. Read his full article below (or HERE). Then in the second half-hour Rashid Daoud, and Bilal Sunni Ali (of Gil Scott-Heron’s band) and Brother Lakeem of the Imam Jamil Action Network discuss the ignored-by-MSM background of the George Floyd shooting and similar cases: The longstanding war by FBI and police on black empowerment, including assassinations, frame-ups, cointelpro infiltration, and incitements to violence.  See also:   MEANINGS  (from Michael Brenner’s email) Alexis de Tocqueville observed in his…