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Prof. Michael Brenner deconstructs “transgender”; Rashid Daoud on police oppression of blacks, Bilal Sunni Ali & Brother Lakeem from

Listen HERE International Relations professor Michael Brenner discusses the “downgrading of precision in use of words and terms” including transgender, crisis management, and genocide. Read his full article below (or HERE). Then in the second half-hour Rashid Daoud, and Bilal Sunni Ali (of Gil Scott-Heron’s band) and Brother Lakeem of the Imam Jamil Action Network discuss the ignored-by-MSM background of the George Floyd shooting and similar cases: The longstanding war by FBI and police on black empowerment, including assassinations, frame-ups, cointelpro infiltration, and incitements to violence.  See also:   MEANINGS  (from Michael Brenner’s email) Alexis de Tocqueville observed in his…


LIVE RADIO: Josh Mitteldorf on “Technologies of the Future — are they already here?” Plus Prof. Michael Brenner, Rashid Daoud, Bilal Sunni Ali, and Brother Lakeem

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at First hour: Josh Mitteldorf, author (with Dorion Sagan) of Cracking the Aging Code, returns to discuss “Technologies of the Future — are they already here?”  Josh writes: “The hypothesis is that there are regular earthlings who have access to technologies that can tap into energy of the vacuum, defying the 2nd law of thermodynamics modify materials remotely at the level of molecules shield gravity or create repulsive gravity transmit energy using other means than electromagnetic radiation “I’m just now piecing together stories that have impinged on my mind from different directions,…