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LIVE RADIO: Josh Mitteldorf on “Technologies of the Future — are they already here?” Plus Prof. Michael Brenner, Rashid Daoud, Bilal Sunni Ali, and Brother Lakeem

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Josh Mitteldorf, author (with Dorion Sagan) of Cracking the Aging Code, returns to discuss “Technologies of the Future — are they already here?”  Josh writes:

“The hypothesis is that there are regular earthlings who have access to technologies that can

  • tap into energy of the vacuum, defying the 2nd law of thermodynamics
  • modify materials remotely at the level of molecules
  • shield gravity or create repulsive gravity
  • transmit energy using other means than electromagnetic radiation

“I’m just now piecing together stories that have impinged on my mind from different directions, but have yet to be integrated.

  • Jason Jorjani’s claim that there is a breakaway civilization, a subset of humanity living right now with technologies far beyond what is acknowledged
  • UFOs that travel at speeds far higher than jet aircraft and turn on a dime
  • Murder of Eugene Mallove. Other stories about people with advanced energy technology who are silenced one way or another

2nd hour: International Relations professor Michael Brenner discusses the “downgrading of precision in use of words and terms” including transgender, crisis management, and genocide. Then in the second half-hour Rashid Daoud, and Bilal Sunni Ali (of Gil Scott-Heron’s band) and Brother Lakeem of the Imam Jamil Action Network discuss the ignored-by-MSM background of the George Floyd shooting and similar cases: The longstanding war by FBI and police on black empowerment, including assassinations, frame-ups, cointelpro infiltration, and incitements to violence.

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