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Greetings from Ground Zero!

Last night’s Ground Zero 9/11 symposium here in New York City was the most purely enjoyable 9/11 conference I’ve ever experienced – mainly because I didn’t have to give a talk! (As psychologist Robert Griffin said, most people fear public speaking more than death.) The poor schmucks forced to take the podium, including Robert himself, held up their end brilliantly. I’ll be writing it up for Veterans Today a.s.a.p. – click here to find my VT stuff. The evening’s climax – the brand-new film Top Priority: The Terror Within – was nothing short of amazing. Homeland Security whistleblower Julia Davis…


Is spirituality better than science & religion?

  Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 7/16/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Post your questions to my Facebook page. First hour: Kelly Mitchell is the author of Buddha Is An Atheist: A Spiritual Autopsy of Science and Religion, forthcoming from Red Pill Press. If you enjoy wide-ranging discussions of life, the universe, and everything, you’ll find this book stimulating. Buddha is an Atheist takes a skeptical look at both science and religion, and opts for spirituality as a better alternative. After touting atheism in earlier writings, Mitchell now apparently agrees with Vincent Bugliosi that agnosticism is the most…


Is Wikileaks Bogus? Chomsky, Azaziah Weigh In!

Is Wikileaks for real? Monday’s guest on Truth Jihad Radio, Jonathan Azaziah, has ripped Wikileaks as a Mossad operation. And nothing he’s seen since then has changed his opinion. Meanwhile the anti-9/11-truth left, i.e. the gatekeepers, are almost all Wikileaks cheerleaders.  Julian Assange, like these gatekeepers, is “annoyed by 9/11 conspiracy theories.” Now Wikileaks tells us that the mean, nasty Muslim suicide hijacking plot was even bigger than we realized, aided by an al-Qaeda support network that the government never discovered. Uh-huh. Whatever you say, Julian. Oddly, Noam Chomsky, the former 9/11 gatekeeper who now admits there is no evidence…