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LIVE RADIO! Josh Mitteldorf on Time Paradoxes and Election Integrity; Binoy Kampmark on Assange’s Foiled Escape

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Scientist and renaissance man Josh Mitteldorf discusses science (“Can the future reach into the past to call itself into existence?“) and politics (“Windfall for an Election Software Company — and a muzzle for anyone who questions Election Integrity“). “My thesis is that while all of today’s science is rooted in the paradigm that influence flows only from past cause to future effect, tomorrow’s science will include ways in which the future can influence the past.”  So could we theoretically reach into the past and call into existence a future (or present) in which American elections had not been stolen or subverted? Sounds like a premise for a science fiction movie…or an hour of stimulating conversation.

Second hour: Australian professor Binoy Kampmark got my attention last week with with his excellent Counterpunch article on Assange’s foiled escape. In a bizarre twist, a CIA bad guy with the same name as one of the JFK assassins, David Morales, was responsible for bugging the Ecuadorian embassy and foiling Assange’s planned escape. It seems the Ecuadorian government hired UC Global to provide security at the embassy:

“This access involved the installation of hidden microphones throughout the embassy by UC Global at the direction of its owner, David Morales.  Morales, it seems, was updating the US Central Intelligence Agency with information about Assange’s meetings with his legal team throughout…The link between UC Global and the CIA was the fruit of work between Morales and one of his most notable clients, the casino company, Las Vegas Sands.  Morales was responsible for supplying the owner of the company, the late billionaire magnate and Republican donor Sheldon Adelson, with personal security.  In the merry-go-round of this field, one of those on Adelson’s personal security detail was a former CIA officer.”

We may also consider Binoy’s recent articles on thieving banksters, Biden’s blunderland, Hindutva’s anti-Darwinism, and the US leadership in global military spending.

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