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Rick Shaddock and Rolf Lindgren on Assange, Smollet, Moon Landing

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Rick Shaddock of wants to talk about:

“* Julian Assange, in Ecuador Embassy in London since 2012, new president Lenin Moreno
* Seth Rich murder – for releasing DNC emails to WikiLeaks
* Jussie Smollet case
* NAACP – I identify as a person of color. Member # 108682587  Color FFE0BD If you spin color wheel
* Affirmative Action inspires hate – My Pentagon computer training contract was given to an 8A firm
* Texas Tech Med School must stop Affirmative action, High IQ Asian students sued Harvard
* Answer by and purpose – to end skin color based organizations
* White birth rate decline   Not hate, but #WhiteLove   WarOnWhites
* “Supremacy” is about quantity, not quality, in your country
* Majority Privilege is the idea behind Democracy.
* We need more white babies to maintain population
* It would be interesting to hear how Kevin Barrett’s Muslim marriage works out (unless you did another show about this already.) Are wives more obedient?  Can you have multiple wives?  Can you have a lot of kids?
* Gender identiy 6th congress HR5  “Equality Act”, bad for women athletes
* Reparations HR15 ” – Sheila Jackson Lee
* Slavery is still going on in Libya today
* We are all one color in the Unified Field. Like a sphere, our core is all colors at once


Towards June 20, 2019, the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing,
let’s have a talk about
I am also in the

Libertarian activist turned pro-Trump Republican Rolf Lindgren joins us in the second hour to agree with Rick on Trump/Assange, while disagreeing with Rick’s assertion that the Apollo moon landings were faked.


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