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Is Wikileaks Bogus? Chomsky, Azaziah Weigh In!

Is Wikileaks for real? Monday’s guest on Truth Jihad Radio, Jonathan Azaziah, has ripped Wikileaks as a Mossad operation. And nothing he’s seen since then has changed his opinion.

Meanwhile the anti-9/11-truth left, i.e. the gatekeepers, are almost all Wikileaks cheerleaders.  Julian Assange, like these gatekeepers, is “annoyed by 9/11 conspiracy theories.” Now Wikileaks tells us that the mean, nasty Muslim suicide hijacking plot was even bigger than we realized, aided by an al-Qaeda support network that the government never discovered. Uh-huh. Whatever you say, Julian.

Oddly, Noam Chomsky, the former 9/11 gatekeeper who now admits there is no evidence that al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks on New York and Washington, recently cast doubt on Wikileaks.

The vibrant democracy movement in Tunisia was directed against “a police state, with little freedom of expression or association, and serious human rights problems,” ruled by a dictator whose family was hated for their venality. This was the assessment by U.S. Ambassador Robert Godec in a July 2009 cable released by WikiLeaks.
Therefore to some observers the WikiLeaks “documents should create a comforting feeling among the American public that officials aren’t asleep at the switch” – indeed, that the cables are so supportive of U.S. policies that it is almost as if Obama is leaking them himself (or so Jacob Heilbrunn writes in The National Interest.)
“America should give Assange a medal,” says a headline in the Financial Times. Chief foreign-policy analyst Gideon Rachman writes that “America’s foreign policy comes across as principled, intelligent and pragmatic … the public position taken by the U.S. on any given issue is usually the private position as well.”
In this view, WikiLeaks undermines the “conspiracy theorists” who question the noble motives that Washington regularly proclaims.
Is Chomsky joining the Wiki-skeptics? Or is he intentionally distracting us from the obvious fact that Wikileaks has generally damaged US interests while supporting Israeli ones – as Azaziah argues persuasively
Tune in Monday to Truth Jihad Radio, 1 to 3 pm Central on, to hear two full hours of Jonathan Azaziah, and perhaps a surprise guest or two, debating the Wikileaks issue!

4 Thoughts to “Is Wikileaks Bogus? Chomsky, Azaziah Weigh In!”

  1. Anonymous

    Since most people in the know, know that Wikileaks is stale, useless news or propaganda for Israel, one must also consider the trap potential for real whistleblowers who go to this Mossad agent and tell all: they simply disappear and Wikileaks destroys what they were given. It's a win, and win for the dark forces. – Jimmy Walter

  2. Anonymous

    When I hear Chomsky apologize for participating materially in Zionism by helping to build and maintain a kibbutz, and when he no longer refers to himself as "a supporter of the state of israel" I'll start to pay attention again.

  3. GAZA Feb 4 (Reuters) – Egyptian soldiers isolated on the Gaza border by 10 days of internal upheaval are getting bread, canned goods and other food supplies from the enclave, which is usually on the receiving end of food aid.

    A source in the border town of Rafah said security forces of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which rules Gaza, had been providing the troops with supplies for the past three days.

    Israel has blockaded Gaza for over three years with the assistance of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's government, and half the population depends on handouts of staples from the United Nations. With mass protests demanding Mubarak should quit, sources in Rafah said north Sinai was tense. Angry Bedouins were in control of many roads following armed clashes with Egyptian police.

    The sources said Palestinian merchants in Gaza have also been smuggling vegetables, eggs and other staples into Egypt, where store owners have run out of stock because normal supplies are cut off by the unrest — reversing the usual flow of goods.

    Hamas security forces had beefed up their presence along the border and in the area of Gaza's honeycomb of smuggling tunnels to prevent any breach of the border line. No photography or television images were allowed. (Reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi; writing by Douglas Hamilton; editing by David Stamp)

  4. Anonymous

    I think we should heed the words of that grand old imperialist Zbigniew Brzezinski, the architect of current US foreign policy, now that he has gotten his protege Barack Obama installed. He says that because of the technological revolution, where even poor people in remote areas can have access to the Internet, a world-wide political awakening is taking place, something never seen before in history. The problem, he says, is how to manage this situation. Who are the managers? Brzezinski and the various oligarchs he represents at the top level of Anglo-American imperialism, along with their minions in the clandestine services and their private contractors, the Murder Incorporated that enforces the rule of the oligarchs. Brzezinski's foreign policy objective is to ride this popular awakening, to surf the waves, as it were, and keep the oligarchs on top. His strategy involves manipulating popular discontent through a series of "color revolutions" that look like real democracy asserting itself to get rid of an oppressive dictator, but which wind up with a regime that may be called"democratic" but is in fact even more malleable and subservient to oligarchical interests and less representative of the interests of its people than the regime that was overthrown. Wikileaks is part of this strategy, a way of selectively releasing information so as to foment popular revolt but not the kind of information that will really damage imperial interests. In this connection it is worth reading Webster Tarpley's take on Egypt at

    The question is whether the Brzezinski strategy will succeed or whether he and the oligarchs will lose control and wipe out in the waves of the rising popular awareness? The key is of course the people of the United States. We need a popular revolution in this country, a real revolution that will end the grip of the oligarchs and their national security state. It is time for a national political leadership to emerge to coordinate mass action using all the networking tools now available. The internet is ours. It belongs to the people. Efforts to restrict its use must be met with mass protests and civil disobedience.

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