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Santos Attacks “Anti-Semitic Holocaust-Denying Homophobes” Who Are Badgering Him to Resign

Dissociated Press Republican Congressperson George Santos lashed out yesterday at the growing chorus calling on him to resign. Speaking at an impromptu press conference at Foneys Club in Lower Manhattan, Santos said that anyone who doubts that he is a gay Jewish Holocaust survivor is an “anti-Semitic Holocaust-denying homophobe.” Santos pointed out that according to woke (TM) identity politics, people are free to choose their own identities regardless of the biological and historical facts, and that anyone who points out those facts must be permanently canceled. “If I’m a man and say I’m a woman, I’m a woman, and you’d damn…


Alan Sabrosky: American Universities Have Gone Insane!

Listen to the audio HERE Alan “Doc” Sabrosky has been called “the most censored man in America.” I should know. I was the one who called him that. The former Director of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College (and NOT a “retired Marine officer” as Wikipedia still says after being corrected dozens of times) Dr. Sabrosky first gained severe notoriety by arguing that Israel did 9/11 — a story he was kind enough to break on my radio show. Now he’s back on my show causing more trouble. This time his target is politically-correct academia and its phony…


Michael Rectenwald on “Great Reset Rubric = Dystopia”

Listen HERE Michael Rectenwald stood strong for academic freedom at NYU for several years. Now he’s retired and still making waves! His new article “The Great Reset Rubric: Making Sense of Our Present Dystopia” argues that the oligarchs are using COVID as an excuse to impose “corporate socialism” i.e. neo-feudalism. Woke ideology and cancel culture, he says, are tools of the neo-feudalists: “Wokeness works by habituating the majority to the reduced expectations of the Great Reset. It does so by instilling a belief in the unworthiness of the majority to thrive, prosper, and enjoy their lives.”