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Alan Sabrosky: American Universities Have Gone Insane!

Listen to the audio HERE

Alan “Doc” Sabrosky has been called “the most censored man in America.” I should know. I was the one who called him that.

The former Director of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College (and NOT a “retired Marine officer” as Wikipedia still says after being corrected dozens of times) Dr. Sabrosky first gained severe notoriety by arguing that Israel did 9/11 — a story he was kind enough to break on my radio show.

Now he’s back on my show causing more trouble. This time his target is politically-correct academia and its phony anti-racist schtick. He cites the cases of  Jodi Shaw  at Smith College and Sandra Sellers at Georgetown Law School (witch-hunted  by MSM and defended by Anthony Brian Logan).

Are American universities heroically leading the fight against racism (and sexism and homophobia and transphobia and other bad things)? Or are they so drunk on their own bullshit that they don’t even realize how psychotic they sound? (And doing more harm than good to black people in the process?) Alan Sabrosky says it’s the latter. I don’t disagree…though I do see racial issues a bit differently than he does. I think black people in America really do have a whole lot of very real things to be angry about—just not the things being shoved down our throats by the commissars of political correctness. When I brought that up, Alan Sabrosky didn’t exactly disagree.

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