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Alan Sabrosky: American Universities Have Gone Insane!

Listen to the audio HERE Alan “Doc” Sabrosky has been called “the most censored man in America.” I should know. I was the one who called him that. The former Director of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College (and NOT a “retired Marine officer” as Wikipedia still says after being corrected dozens of times) Dr. Sabrosky first gained severe notoriety by arguing that Israel did 9/11 — a story he was kind enough to break on my radio show. Now he’s back on my show causing more trouble. This time his target is politically-correct academia and its phony…


Sex assaults at US colleges stem from cultural decline

Watch the video at Press TV A journalist and former University lecturer has criticized US college campuses as “notorious” for sexual assaults that have become as an epidemic at education centers across the United States.  full article: