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University Announces New $100 Billion Profligacy Studies Program

Cincinnati, FL – Dissociated Press Ohio University of Miami announced yesterday that it has been awarded a 100 billion dollar grant from the US Department of Education to found a new program in Profligacy Studies. The grant will allow the university to hire at least 500 new, grossly overpaid Professors of Profligacy. The program expects to attract tens of thousands of students who will spend millions of dollars each in hopes of earning extravagantly worthless faux-sheepskin documents attesting to their mastery of the art and science of Profligacy. “I wish I could say that this program will be worth every…


Alan Sabrosky: American Universities Have Gone Insane!

Listen to the audio HERE Alan “Doc” Sabrosky has been called “the most censored man in America.” I should know. I was the one who called him that. The former Director of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College (and NOT a “retired Marine officer” as Wikipedia still says after being corrected dozens of times) Dr. Sabrosky first gained severe notoriety by arguing that Israel did 9/11 — a story he was kind enough to break on my radio show. Now he’s back on my show causing more trouble. This time his target is politically-correct academia and its phony…


Sex assaults at US colleges stem from cultural decline

Watch the video at Press TV A journalist and former University lecturer has criticized US college campuses as “notorious” for sexual assaults that have become as an epidemic at education centers across the United States.  full article: